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  1. Knew i have heard the intro song for civilians before.

    I feel bad for the camera man having to go through this weird in the first video. metal screamers scare me Lmao
  2. Knew i have heard the intro song for civilians before.

    Wtf is this demonic shit those people need god in there life.
  3. Screenshots

    what I go through on a daily basis playing security.
  4. Change Log (14/3/18)

    @Senia this should help you out with you quest issue
  5. bad_module_info has stoped working

    The server had restarted it should be working for you know.
  6. Staff Additions 21/2/2018

    Congrats you guys deserved it
  7. Database Wipe (Feb 2018)

    Ya kinds sucks because I got approved for civ Whitelist after promotions and I already have like 35 hours and I have like 3 more quests to complete on mechanic than I’m done. now I have to do it all again cause wipe but I understand it’s not fair to others who are new.
  8. Database Wipe (Feb 2018)

    R.I.P my promotion to security
  9. Database Wipe (Feb 2018)

    R.I.P my security promotion
  10. Database Wipe (Feb 2018)

    So I’ll lose my civ quests that I worked hard for ???