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  1. ROBBO

    fliqqs f u n n i e s

    @Nolegs 3:52 i see everyone wants to have my skill son
  2. ROBBO

    Just Some OG Clips From [LSD]

    funny clips but the troll music put into it was fucked
  3. ROBBO

    REX Multiplying Hacker

    Robbo why you on lethals didnt even shoot HAHAHAHA
  4. ROBBO

    Josh's time on Darkside Thus Far

    nice clips mate had a good laugh watching it
  5. ROBBO

    Random Arma 3 clips moments

    lol you cheeky bugger going behide the truck
  6. ROBBO

    makes sense

    Im just a tank period
  7. ROBBO

    Shot of the year?

    Yeah its alright i guess
  8. good post mike that should help some people out
  9. ROBBO


    fuckin way to big but awesome map
  10. ROBBO

    Best AMP Kills.

    yeah i was afk in game and i tab back in and just got outa there before he pulled me out for a hostage hahaha
  11. ROBBO

    FU Need better pilots (:....

    haha good shooting mate
  12. ROBBO

    Lords (Cranes)

    Everytime i watch the first bit what a crack up she had them running shoes on and was like oh fuck na im outa here bahahaha
  13. ROBBO

    Interstellar hellcat

    lol down shes goes
  14. ROBBO

    Avoiding a hostage mission

    fuck that was funny had a laugh with that