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  1. S a l a r d i e

    The Zerg Has arrived

    eZ 4 hostages lol
  2. S a l a r d i e

    Shot of the year?

    @n a t h a n man you are so baaaddd
  3. S a l a r d i e

    When FU bring a Blackfoot to a Research

    Sadly the gunner only kill 1 person
  4. S a l a r d i e

    My Favourite Darkside Moments

    Ur just mad that u cant get revd after you die first
  5. S a l a r d i e

    Avoiding a hostage mission

    Hard when all you got is navids and lynxs
  6. S a l a r d i e


    Noe that i rewatched i can sorta see where your coming from, although he could of gone a tad quicker.
  7. S a l a r d i e

    evolution of arma 3- darkside clips used

    Good vid! Just wondering how long did this take and what percent did you get for it?
  8. S a l a r d i e

    Just some clips of cop tonight

    this is the Molos Raid from Lords perspective, Good fun https://youtu.be/Xxvy5aIcGjk
  9. S a l a r d i e

    Mike's Adventures - Tanoa Edition

  10. S a l a r d i e

    The Popperitis - Prologue

    I thought Quintin Tarrintino was the best producer of all time, but after watching this i was clearly wrong, Mike is
  11. S a l a r d i e

    Being farmed by TBE

    If you flick me a message in game or on teamspeak i can send you a coupla million. TBE did this to me when i first started this wipe and it is extremely discouraging and makes you not want to play. Personally me and my gang have started giving them some of there own medicine and boy o boy were they salty. I think you should just teach them a lesson and do it back, just like we did and they were extremely salty about it.
  12. S a l a r d i e


    R.I.P all my ceaser insurances lol. Nice vid
  13. S a l a r d i e

    Darkside interactive ISS7 screen use that link and book mark it
  14. S a l a r d i e

    Welcome to The Heartless Anarchists (Montage) #5

    should stop buying grand macs and maybe you could