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  1. steeze

    Steeze Darkside Montage #3

    Hope you enjoy Potato aim
  2. steeze

    S a l a r d i e Montage #2

    fetish for lynx and apds?
  3. steeze


    just because of that first song its a from me
  4. steeze

    DrWhiteBread - Kill Montage #3

    whats your system specs mate?
  5. steeze

    Another Shit Montage

  6. steeze

    Montage III

    1:47 should of died from that
  7. steeze

    Steeze Darkside Montage #2

    hahahah all good things have to come to an end
  8. steeze

    Steeze Darkside Montage #2

    cheers i thought it fit well
  9. steeze

    Steeze Darkside Montage #2

    Quick montage i put together enjoy
  10. steeze

    Rustle's Darkside Montage I

    nice montage mate
  11. steeze

    PVP Clip

    i started running to checkpoint because nothing was happening at illegal goods trader and then two choppers flew over me heading towards illegal good trader.they then landed at illegal goods trader and i decked on them so my other clan mates could shoot them.About 1:15 is where they scatter like pigs,that was when i decked.