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  1. Proposed police nurfs

    Thank you for listening Huntah, I know it was a shit storm last night but I'm glad it's got some of the community thinking about changes, this is a good step and I'm glad it's happened. Of course we will need to try these and see how they work, but I'm sure there is a few people that will think some of these changes are fair. Also respect you increasing prices of 7.62 prices on civs to match the cop nerf. Will keep an eye on this and discuss it with the boys.
  2. Darkside Clan War (Final Information)

    Not that you asked me, but I personally think the clans that stayed till the end should be higher up the ranking, SYS got 3rd and they left before it was even over and there was plenty of other gangs that stayed after they left, TFO, 187, TBB to name a few. Bit too late now though as you said.
  3. Introducing [187]Promethus

    He is just using a game mechanic that anyone else can use, props to him I say.