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  1. Kestoren

    All i can say is, This is Hardy.

    This is why I don't get on when Hardy is on unless something's actually going down.
  2. Kestoren

    when you catch someone duping red handed

    Always thought something was up with this guy. He is apart of a group of Frenchies that go around breaking all the rules physically possible.
  3. Kestoren

    Wolfy just got a new Blackfoot

  4. Kestoren

    Wolfy just got a new Blackfoot

    Blame Hardy for his aim, it's about as good as how many shots he can actually hit someone with when he responds to anything
  5. Kestoren

    Wolfy just got a new Blackfoot

    Just gotta really get in there and go for the enemy haha.
  6. Kestoren


    420 just needs to chill
  7. Kestoren

    First Montage

    @Fliqqs got annihilated with that headshot bro
  8. Kestoren

    What 20 IED's do to a checkpoint

    That moment you're the one that caused the Terrorist to detonate his I.E.Ds thinking he can get you but it just ends up killing himself.
  9. Kestoren

    Taxi missions Glitch.

    Probably a server side issue.
  10. Kestoren

    You Dont Need Skill For The Navid

    Looks worse then just having the brightness up tbh.
  11. Kestoren

    You Dont Need Skill For The Navid

    I'm sorry but it just looks like you haven't gotten anything on the screen, it looks nothing like Tanoa that I know.
  12. Kestoren

    You Dont Need Skill For The Navid

    Where are the graphics? There aren't any rip.
  13. Sometimes... Just driving somewhere is too hard... And you need to get to places fast.
  14. Kestoren

    mems vol 1

    Mmm, well then. I would say most of the options that Mike said excluding some of the things such as Texture and Object draw distance as well as FSAA and CCAA just disable them if not, maybe have them on low settings. But definitely the part about Sampling and stuff. Worst case scenario, you could upgrade your system if you're up for that or plan to. It always makes things easier