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  1. OPx

    Raging Child

    wow i have insparatanal to go to english class now I see you are clearly some sort of a degenerate and you don't know it is a joke but its all good man I understand that you aren't the brightest person
  2. OPx

    Raging Child

    Wow this is so insparatanal
  3. OPx

    Another Haggis Montage!

    At least you spelt montage correct this time https://gyazo.com/ba6fa14be80548f8c6c9293b97b9bf64
  4. OPx

    Montage IV

    Cos life is hard idiot stop trying to roast you literally play fortnite
  5. OPx

    Montage IV

    Another scuffed montage stop making them you idiot
  6. OPx

    Homemade Dar Pawnee

    I told bushman not to restrain him im reloading and then as soon as I reload he restrains him and I shoot
  7. OPx

    Mike's Lynx / Air Montage

    He forgot to add this ill just add it for him
  8. OPx

    This is What happens when people camp south Rebel xD

    Like my first day on the server bud
  9. OPx

    Stinky's #2 montage

    5:18 I was legit stuck there for a solid 5 minutes
  10. OPx

    DSPD | Going Undercover | Short Film

    Wasnt even me lmao @funyguy1 and @Skyz | Salardie you autist