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  1. Slaymord

    makes sense

    Looks like you shot him in the arm, probably took all body armor and put him on low health.
  2. Slaymord

    When FU bring a Blackfoot to a Research

    Shameful Clicker couldn't kill a stationary MCU, took around 2 clips to finally get me and the MCU lived to tell the tale.
  3. Slaymord

    Do The Rawr Ft. Slaymord

    CS:GO is a very competitive game.
  4. Slaymord

    SoV | Slaymord's Kill Montage #1

    Don't tell anyone, please.
  5. Slaymord

    Getting kicked when at Non-Modded Zone

    When I spawned inside the non-modded zone I had no mods at all on, not even JSRS.
  6. Slaymord

    Getting kicked when at Non-Modded Zone

    No I didn't have any mods activated, it wouldn't of given me the option of spawning there if I had them on.
  7. Every time I seem to go to the Non-modded zone, after a few minutes I get a kicked message saying : "You have been kicked from the Server". I got Razor to tell me the reason why I am getting kicked and he said the message was Slaymord has been kicked from the Server nothing else which is starting to confuse me. I turned down all graphic and performance settings, put everything on the lowest option and I am still getting kicked, dunno if client side or server side.
  8. Slaymord


    Nice Shot
  9. Slaymord

    Diplomatic mission turns south

    Damn, Harsh move.