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  1. Chilly

    Being farmed by TBE

    just curious which members exactly were doing this most of the members of our gang (tbe) are starter friendly i have given money to new guys quite a few times and even defended some when they were getting rolled
  2. Chilly

    Big Ol Nasty Map errors

    gonna start off with something small Oue-Oue gas station if you look on the map next to it is Oua Oue gas Station next off lijn haven airfield and tanoa corrections why is corrections ( No fly zone ) next to an airfield? mabe move it towards bua bua or something even better would be on lle saint george (a island to the topright of south island personally id think thats a fuckin sick place for a jail next on my list is moving/removing gh5 where it currently is, is pretty wierd because its literally 500 meters from rebel south and finally id like to see more atms around the map because ive seen only one in george town (should be 5+) and smaller towns dont have an atm either thx for listening to my complaints