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  1. Returned From Altis research and no car park

    What happened to the other screen shots?
  2. Respone to GrumpyKitten

    Who gives a shit about punctuation? Not sure why OP insisted on creating a response... it clearly isn't needed nor does the matter have anything to do with you. The Darkside staff have already dealt with GrumpyKitten so let's just leave it at that.
  3. Luke Cage Donation $50

    Donated 60$ last night at around 12am 20/07/2017
  4. Luke Cage Donation $50

    Neg, the first one has been and gone. just now sent some $$. Thought I'd reply rather than create a new topic.
  5. Luke Cage Donation $50

    Transaction ID: 1253-2365-4471-1080 Silver Please.
  6. Does anyone know what causes this

    Have you tried playing around with the in-game graphics settings?
  7. Just some funny moments

    Lols srsly? Didn't know trampolines were allowed...
  8. Just some funny moments

    No idea how i managed to flip the MCU... only slightly touched the wall and the damn thing flew. Oh so thats where the heli got too? it was there one minute and gone the next.... lamo, great video Sun.
  9. Server Downtime - DB Wipe

  10. this server broke my computer

    Sounds like over heating issues, get a new cooler and heatsink put on your CPU and perhaps try replacing the thermal compond - this should allow for better game play. Additionally try cleaning the internal components of any visible dust.
  11. The Devil's Angels |TDA| - Official Thread

    In Game Username: Luke Cage Link to Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198048821024/ Totals Hours On Darkside/Arma: 120 hours on Darkside. Age: 26 Play Style: Scout / Sniper. Why Do You Want to Join TDA?: Been looking for an easy going gang whom actively participate in both legal and illegal activities. What Can You Bring To TDA?: Respectfulness, maturity, and decent long-range shooting. Have You Read and Understood both Darkside and Gang Rules?: Yes, have read them all. List Any Bans(Ban reason and Ban time): Never been banned.
  12. New White-listed Officers

    Me too please, cheers.
  13. Luke Cage Donation $50

    Steam ID: 76561198048821024 In game name: Luke Cage Donation Amount: $50 Transaction ID: 2235-9773-7958-6326