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  1. Kage

    R.I.P Big Fella

    @Luke This happened to us in a GCU the other day... we were even able to drive it under the ground...
  2. Kage

    Menus ingame

    Try changing your interface size to be "very small" and increase your screen resolution. You'll need to restart your game once those charges are made.
  3. Great video dude, well done.
  4. What happened to the other screen shots?
  5. Kage

    Just some funny moments

    Lols srsly? Didn't know trampolines were allowed...
  6. Kage

    Just some funny moments

    No idea how i managed to flip the MCU... only slightly touched the wall and the damn thing flew. Oh so thats where the heli got too? it was there one minute and gone the next.... lamo, great video Sun.
  7. Kage

    Heli Pickup bug

    Believe at the start of each mission it tells you which helis are able to pickup the object.
  8. Kage

    this server broke my computer

    Sounds like over heating issues, get a new cooler and heatsink put on your CPU and perhaps try replacing the thermal compond - this should allow for better game play. Additionally try cleaning the internal components of any visible dust.