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  1. Dab

    Darkside Moments #28

    HDD was full?
  2. Dab

    Abuse by cops

    Go to a staff member about this. No need to put it over the forums. Just chat directly to someone in ts man.
  3. Dab

    secrity and police problem

    What do you mean by this? As in when you press the ID button in the UI it doesn't do anything?
  4. Dab

    Snr Cst. heli snipe, HE Hosp

    As good as your shooting is, which I must say, isn't bad. As a Snr Const. don't let this start happening all the time.
  5. Dab

    how can i download mod for server?

    We don't run any mods on the server, join the server and the mission file will start downloading.
  6. Dab

    Guardian | Kill Montage 7

    @Salami take note also please
  7. Dab

    TFO Pawnee aimbot

    Does anyone in TFO not get salty when they're in a video these days and they don't win?
  8. Just seems like a whinge on the forums hoping to get some attention and attempt to get someone in trouble whose done nothing wrong.
  9. Dab

    Flying CCU & Blowing up APMC's Run

    I see a whole lot of unnecessary shit talking going on here.
  10. Dab

    When LSD does CP3

    @Salami being @NinjaGlory's bitch in videos also. RIP.
  11. Dab

    Martial Law

    Not gonna lie, this is up with some of my favourite videos haha, well played!
  12. Dab

    Doing Weed

    Hell no. Haven't done any this wipe at all and don't plan on it
  13. Dab

    Doing Weed

    It is haha. They're all done before you know it. Chuck on some good music too and you're set.