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  1. We don't run any mods on the server, join the server and the mission file will start downloading.
  2. Meme Page

    Me and @Salami waiting for the new helpdesk position post.
  3. Denied, put some more effort into your application.
  4. Kurt Cobain - Civ whitelist app

    +1 and approved, read up on the rules ya fool, have fun
  5. Wipe Cop Statistics

    Good work on compiling all this information for us, as mentioned. Well done to all officers and a big congratulations to @Luke Cage for having the most kills, although this doesn't surprise me one bit
  6. +1 and approved, make sure to read up on the rules as per usual and have fun.
  7. +1 and approved, make sure to read up on the rules as per usual.
  8. Ban Appeal

    @Lip you're comment has been hidden, ban disputes are for staff and the person directly banned.
  9. Change Log (19th September - DB Wipe)

    From what I've experienced in game your previous reputation points with the factions is reset when you start to do missions for any of the other 2.
  10. Dedicated Staff Positions

    Ayyyeee, sounds good boss!
  11. Help Desk & Staff Promotions September 2017

    Ayyeeeee boys, feelsgoodman congratulations to all you new helpdesk, I'm sure you will do fine. Thank you for the promo and congrats to @Salami, @M y l e Z and @Ghost Recon and big congratulations to @NinjaGlory, @Mongoose and @Fi0Nik!
  12. Internet Speed

    Not the best but does the job I guess.
  13. Change Log (19th September - DB Wipe)

    Incredible work fellas. Going to be one hell of a find grind.
  14. Database Wipe (September 2017)

    Ayeee. Looking forward for that grind