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  1. Michael117

    Tonoa Life with 666 #1

    very nice
  2. Michael117

    John Bone first montage

  3. Michael117

    Arma 3 Glitches (For Jason)

    its always great when you can do acrobatics in arma 3
  4. Michael117

    How to get to chop shop

    the gang gtmx was there and dingo here was in that gang with COSW tags and i don't remember you being there
  5. Michael117

    How to get to chop shop

    so what happend was me and another cop were responding to sofia hospital and we arrested dingo and i got ping kicked in sofia and dingo got unrestrained and drove all the way to prygros chop shop me and the other cop set up a sting at the chop shop we shot all his tiers out and dingo shot and killed the other officer i had with me and i teased him but i got killed by 2 other people
  6. Michael117

    You were kicked off

    fixed it
  7. Michael117

    You were kicked off

    how no matter what I try it does not work
  8. Michael117

    Abuse by cops

    tell me the full story of what happend
  9. Michael117

    Abuse by cops

    so when was this