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  1. Dominic

    How to Pubbie Part 1+2

    Well made mate
  2. Dominic

    HA Montage 4

    yeah nice
  3. Dominic


    fucking lit
  4. Dominic

    Montage III

    good one
  5. Dominic

    Rick Harrisons Montage IV

    what was going through your mind when you chose that song
  6. Dominic

    still not working

    nvm got it working today spent quite a bit of time and i went through your post slow and steady and ended up getting it shame they are thinking of removing before i get a chance to play
  7. Dominic

    still not working

    A few other players and i are having the same problem of getting kicked when we join like most players had but the trouble shoots ⬇ are not working. I have repeated these a number of times hoping it will work but sadly no. Is there any other way i could get it to work?