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  1. Dominic

    My Server Event Highlights (30-11-18)

    Not trying to start a flame but once again yes there should not of been combat there but we were decked, you cant hide behind the unarmed civ rule when you had armed members there.
  2. Dominic

    Josh's time on Darkside Thus Far

    Glad to be credited for my blackfish landing skills
  3. Dominic

    Stooge's montage (Haggisrageincluded)

    WHY LOL 6:10
  4. Dominic

    Skaars Montage 2

    Well made
  5. Dominic

    makes sense

    Did imposing really just contribute on a topic, Must be that time on the year. #imposing #active #bringbacktheasp
  6. Dominic

    AKM Is Cooked

    Well made
  7. Dominic

    Another Haggis Montage!

    Your such a sweat
  8. Dominic


    420 after smoking too much of the good shit
  9. Dominic

    Progressive Development

    for the drone
  10. Dominic

    First Montage

    well done bro, last frags we will probs ever see from HA?
  11. Dominic

    Montage IV

    Nice job
  12. Dominic

    How to Pubbie Part 1+2

    Well made mate
  13. Dominic

    HA Montage 4

    yeah nice
  14. Dominic


    fucking lit
  15. Dominic

    Montage III

    good one