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    sAlAmi""S FUNNIes

    u probs need volume on full because vegas sucks ass
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    sAlAmi""S FUNNIes

    all wheezes in this video are brought to you proudly by Fi0Nik
  3. Unfortunately the ports of Arma 3 to operating systems such as Mac and Linux are only experimental beta builds, and have a limited update cycle. The latest available version on these operating systems is 1.82. Without a computer running a Windows operating system, you will be unable to update your game and play on the server.
  4. Salami

    Dodgiest Robbery Gone Right

    You can not commit any serious crimes in a Safe Zone. These crimes include arson, stealing, robbing, killing, hostage taking, etc. Breaching the Safe Zone rules can be punished by a kick or a ban.
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    Lynx is cooked

    my verdict is that you hit the dirt
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    Lynx is cooked

    just aim at his head lol
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    Ping Issues

    Hi there, I'm happy to hear that you're enjoying the server, and I'm sorry to hear that you're encountering lag issues at the moment. I'm rather confident in stating that these issues are very unlikely to have been caused by the addition of these new billboards. It is more likely that something has happened on your end of the connection, and just coincidentally started playing up at the same time this update went live. I'd recommend beginning generic troubleshooting steps for your connection. These can include, but are not limited to the following: Restart your modem/router. Check for any potential viruses/malware on your computer. Try connecting to the internet with an ethernet cable instead of wirelessly. Check your DNS settings. There are also other methods of troubleshooting, which you can find online if the above solutions do not work for you. I wish you the best of luck in resolving the issue.
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    Naming Naming: All people playing medic must have the word 'Medic' clearly displayed in front of their name so that players know they are a medic. All people playing mechanic must have the word 'Mechanic' clearly displayed in front of their name so that players know they are a mechanic. All people playing security must have the word 'Security' clearly displayed in front of their name so that players know they are a security contractor. Examples: [Medic] Huntah, (Medic) Huntah, |Medic| Huntah, Medic Huntah - These are all acceptable naming conventions. Medicalman, Mr Mechanic, securityman, Agent Security, GamingMechanics ... These are all unacceptable naming conventions.
  9. Salami

    Clickers Montage of Potato Skill

    what about the part in the gang hideout where I killed you and you begged me for a revive ???
  10. Assassination Missions Information for police: Police are to completely ignore the assassination mission marker. These are civilian vs civilian missions.
  11. Assassination Mission Rules Rules for the mission starter: You must only begin a mission if you know you can reach one of your houses within 10 minutes. You must not use your actual house building as a place to hide unless the doors are opened. You must be in a reachable position. It is fine if the attackers have to use a ladder to get to you. If you have assistance in defence, they must be wearing the same clan tags as you. You may not use armed vehicles to defend yourself. If you complete the mission, you must stop shooting at attackers for at least 10 minutes to give them time to leave the area. Rules regarding attacking: Once the server message comes up, you are free to kill the mission starter and anybody with the same clan tag as them that are nearby the mission marker (within 300m, otherwise, a declaration is required). You are not to target other rebels in the area. If you kill someone in the crossfire, attempt to revive them. The point of the mission is to assassinate the mission starter. You may not use armed vehicles to attack. Once the mission is over, you must cease all combat and then leave the area within 10 minutes. Combat includes but is not limited to looting, strangling, destroying vehicles, etc.
  12. Negotiations Summary: Police may initiate or accept negotiations from criminals under certain circumstances. Criminals and police are not allowed to bait with negotiations. If the highest ranking officer is not interested in accepting any offer, the police are required to inform the criminals immediately upon negotiation request. Once something is agreed upon by both parties, both parties must adhere to the agreement. Examples: Dave is robbing the bank and the highest ranking officer online believes the force can easily respond, he can deny all negotiation request. A large group is robbing the research facility, the highest ranking officer agrees to terms. Both parties must now follow the agreed terms exactly. How To: If the police want to negotiate with criminals, they should try and do so before all of the damage is done. If criminals want to negotiate with police they should give the police a few minutes to respond before beginning the activity (planting C4 / safecracker). Police MUST respond to a negotiation request, they are not allowed to begin responding to an activity until a response has been sent to the criminal group. Negotiations are valid if done in TS in the negotiation channel, through text messages in-game, or through direct communication in-game. Negotiations made against members of the same clan must be approved by other unaffiliated officers online at the time. The leading officer is responsible for all negotiations made while they are online. They will be held accountable for unbalanced negotiations. Examples: The police can see a large criminal presence at the bank and think a negotiation might be needed, they should attempt to organise this before engaging in combat. A rebel group want to attempt to negotiate a bank robbery. They must message the police with their request and receive a reply before planting the C4. Criminals have asked to negotiate a bank robbery. The police are not allowed to quickly respond to the bank before the criminals have been replied to with an answer. Dave has officer Nick on Steam and negotiates something. This is not allowed, as steam chat is not a valid communication channel. [777] Pete wants to negotiate with the cops. The leading officer is also in the [777] clan. Other officers must agree before the negotiation becomes official. Conditions: Things that can be gained by civilians in negotiations are: Police vehicles, Police weapons, Police Y inventory items (excluding weapons or ammo packs), Jail release (either through the menu or by letting someone escape through a riot), Bounty removal, Being allowed to complete a (victimless) illegal activity. Examples: Dave requires a Hunter as a getaway vehicle. If he gets this vehicle and safe passage away, he will leave the hospital robbery without combat. John has stolen the police MCU. The police offer him 2 weapons if he returns it. John agrees and the trade is made. Jimmy orders that the police provide him with an offroad containing 300 frosted donuts. If they do this, he will leave the checkpoint he is currently holding. A criminal group says they will cease illegal activities for one hour if their friend is released from prison. Bank robbers ask if they can take just 5 money bags once the bank blows, then they will leave without combat. If the police agree 5 is the max amount of bags the criminals are allowed to take.
  13. Vehicles/Aviation Vehicles/Aviation Rules: There is not to be an army of police air vehicles. The police are not the military. Air vehicles should only be used when needed, and otherwise, the use of land vehicles should be prioritised. Some cities have marked areas where landing a helicopter is allowed. In small towns where there are no such areas, an appropriate location may be chosen to land by an officer. Police air vehicles may not land on roads. Air vehicles cannot hover over cities. Officers may only hover over a city if there is an active police operation going on. Drones are not allowed to hover in illegal zones unless there is a current raid in progress. However, they may hover outside the zone and scout the area prior to a raid. Drones are not allowed to return to an area that their driver is barred from due to NLR. This is also considered breaking NLR.
  14. Base Building Destruction Base Building Destruction: Police are allowed to use the destroy feature on player placed assets if one of the following conditions are met: The police can destroy a flagpole whenever they see it and combat has occurred has in the area. This item is illegal at all times. The object is blocking an entryway into a building that criminals are inside of. You need to breach part of a wall to get into an area (you should not destroy the whole wall, just the sections that you need to enter through). The object is currently being used to assist criminal activity (rearming or refuelling areas). You must have a strong valid reason to believe the items have been illegally used. The object is on what the police deem to be somebody else's land. Evidence will need to be provided, and a ranking officer will be held responsible if the police are wrong. Any object that the Chief of Police has deemed to be in an illegal area. Examples: A group has walls around a compound. You may breach through multiple sections, destroying a maximum of three walls. A person has two layers of fences over his front door. You have the right to destroy both layers to gain access to his house. You see a Pawnee rearming at a rearm crate. You may destroy it. There are rebels inside of a bunker hiding from you. You may not destroy it to gain access, however, if the bunker was used as a defence it may be destroyed if the police win the situation (the police cannot return later on and destroy it).
  15. Police Ratio Police Ratio: A ratio of 3 civilians to 1 police officer must be kept at all times. If the ratio is out, there is a 20 minute grace period for police to wait for more civilians to join the server. If the ratio remains out for 20 minutes, some officers must log off to bring the cop numbers down.
  16. Enemy of the State Enemy of the State Rules: A rebel becomes an enemy of the state once their bounty reaches $25,000. Police can shoot enemies of the state on sight, and vice versa. Lethal force can be used. Enemies of the state can be sent to jail for 60 minutes, or they can be executed.
  17. Salami

    Jail Riots

    Jail Riots Jail Riot Rules: Police need to secure the jail when they are informed a riot is taking place, and repair the armoury door. Police are not to camp the jail island. They can remain for 2 minutes after a riot has been concluded to clean up vehicles, then they must leave the island. Responders to the jail riot must stun and restrain armed inmates. People assisting in the riot from the outside must be stunned and restrained, or killed if necessary according to 'Use of Lethal Force' rules. Prisoners that are caught rioting should be re-sent to jail with their original charges, and an automatically added charge of rioting. Prisoners that are rioting will have their sleeves removed so that they are easily distinguishable. Responders can open locked doors by pressing '0' near them. Make sure you do not let prisoners out. Anybody attacking the jail from the outside may be charged with armed occupation.
  18. Police Trainers Police Trainer Rules: You must be a Lieutenant or above to play in a police trainer slot. You must remain with the public officers and teach them the ways of the police force. You must only use weapons and vehicles available to the public officers. You must not respond to anything out of the public cop area with the rest of the police force. If the public officers are unlocked, you must no longer play as a trainer. The sole purpose of this role is to train the public cops. A police trainer can raid Gang Hideout 1 (Weed) with two public officers.
  19. Salami

    Martial Law

    Martial Law Declaring and Un-declaring: Martial law is only to be declared by Senior Sergeants and above. It should also be the decision of the highest ranking officer online at the time. Martial law can only be declared when the crime rate is above 8/10 or above. Martial law will automatically un-declare 60 minutes after being declared. It can be re-declared if it is still needed and the crime rate is still 8/10 or above. Police Rights: Police can break NLR indefinitely during martial law, but cannot spawn/transport inside their NLR at all. Any people that are confirmed to be armed can be shot dead. Only basic RP is required when sending criminals to jail, such as telling them their crimes, time in jail and then sending them off. All raid rules are suspended during martial law. Ground and sea armed vehicles can be used against any targets. Armed air vehicles can be used against any armed vehicles, including people who have ejected out of an armed vehicle for up to a minute from the point they eject. Armed air vehicles can be used against ground targets at Fort Knox, the Research Facility, the Bank, the power station, and at terrorist missions. Once a player leaves one of these areas, they may not be targeted. Armed air vehicles can be used against ground targets that are carrying an AA Launcher. Police receive a body armour buff. RPG restrictions are completely removed. Police have the ability to use satchel charges. All search rules are suspended. Any vehicles used by criminals can be destroyed. All ranks have the ability to switch their weapons to lethal. Permission from the highest ranking officer is still required. Missiles are enabled on the falcon for members of the Drone Squad. They are only to be used against armed air vehicles.
  20. Vehicle Destruction Vehicle Destruction Rules: A vehicle can be destroyed if it has been searched and it contains illegal items (not including weapons). A vehicle can be destroyed if is transporting a vehicle that meets the vehicle destruction criteria, such as choppers carrying car bombs or pods, etc. A vehicle that is still on location that was used to assist in armed occupation of government land. This includes cities, police HQs, checkpoints, vehicles used in terrorist missions, and at jail riots. A vehicle that has been used by someone (or their group) when they have planted C4 at the Bank or power station. You can not have lost sight of the vehicle at any time. Any vehicle that has been used in assisting an illegal convoy or car bomb mission can be destroyed. Any illegal vehicle can be destroyed. This includes armed/armoured vehicles and bulletproof vehicles. Any vehicle that is blocking the only entry into a crime scene can be destroyed on a case by case basis. If a message comes up informing police that they can destroy a vehicle, it can be destroyed. An example of this is a convoy vehicle. If a vehicle has been used by a criminal during martial law, it can be destroyed. Any vehicle used to attack and is still on location at Fort Knox or the Research Facility can be destroyed. You must be certain that the vehicle you are destroying is the same vehicle that you are allowed to destroy. If in doubt, do not destroy.
  21. Use of Armed/Armoured Vehicles General Rules: There are no exceptions to these rules. If they are broken, you should offer compensation. If it continues, administrative action will be taken. The police gorgon is ONLY to be used during martial law or against armed GCUs. The following rules become void if martial law is active, except for the Kajman/Blackfoot rules and the KOS Zone raid vehicles. Only people within the listed circumstances may be targeted by an armed vehicle. You may not stop and arrest anybody else. Armed air vehicles do not include people shooting from the benches of a helicopter, but do include armed land vehicles being sling loaded by a helicopter. The MCU is exempt from these rules. Armoured Vehicles: Unarmed Hunters, Striders and Ifrits, as well as an armed offroad, are considered armoured vehicles. They can be used in any red zone, at any time. They can be used in response to serious robberies and situations, including Fort Knox and Research Facility robberies, Bank robberies, hospital robberies, checkpoint takeovers, power station attacks, jail riots and during raids. While dealing with the use of explosives (IEDs, grenades, etc). While escorting a police convoy. While dealing with other armoured vehicles. If the vehicle has been destroyed, chopped or left abandoned, its former occupants can still be chased by the armoured vehicle. A hunter can be used by a member of the Highway Patrol squad at any time, as long as there are no more than 2 officers travelling in it. Armed Land Vehicles: Hunter HMGs, Strider HMGs, Ifrit HMGs, and speedboat miniguns are considered armed vehicles. They can be used while responding to a civilian who is using an armed land or sea vehicle. Passengers and people working with the armed vehicle can also be targeted. They can be used while responding to the usage of an RPG. They can be used to target people that have ejected from armed vehicles in the past minute. They can be used during martial law. They can be used while DEFENDING an area from an armed air vehicle. Armed Air Vehicles: Armed air vehicles are to be used in response to armed air vehicles only. If a player ejects, they can be targeted for up to a minute. Ground targets that have AA Launchers may be targeted at any time. Only people within the above circumstances may be targeted by the armed air vehicle. You may not stop and arrest anybody else. The vehicle must be garaged as soon as the above conditions are no longer met, provided that there is no active combat. A Kajman/Blackfoot are only to be used against other armed air vehicles when it is not martial law. When using a Kajman/Blackfoot, you must cease to use the vehicle once the target armed vehicle has been destroyed. Your primary goal while using the Kajman/Blackfoot must be to destroy the armed vehicle, even if it is a police vehicle. If you take shots from the ground while conducting the above activities, you may shoot soft targets in self-defence, but only when no other option presents itself. During martial law, armed air vehicles can be used against ground targets at Fort Knox, the Research Facility, the Bank, the power station and terrorist missions. Once a player leaves these areas, they may not continue to be targeted. During martial law, a Kajman/Blackfoot can be used against any armed ground vehicle and armed air vehicle, but not against soft targets unless it is an immediate case of self-defence and no other option presents itself. Using KOS Zone Raid Vehicles: The special KOS Zone raid vehicles include the Nyx (Recon), Nyx (Autocannon), Qilin AT and the Rhino. These vehicles may only be retrieved in the KOS Zone at the special police garages there. Their weapons may never be used against anyone on the mainland.
  22. The Darkside National Bank The Bank Rules: The Darkside National Bank is illegal for civilians to enter unless they have been given authorisation. Helicopters flying over the Darkside National Bank during a robbery may be disabled without warning. Nearby officers should immediately head to the Darkside National Bank to assist in stopping a robbery. Petty crimes can be ignored/dropped during a bank robbery. Lethal force may be used on robbers if no other alternative is available. Every option to tase and arrest the person should be made first. Any civilian who actively makes an attempt to block the police from entering the building may be treated as an accomplice.
  23. Fort Knox/Research Facility Fort Knox/Research Facility Rules: The Fort Knox/Research Facility areas are illegal for civilians to enter. Helicopters flying over Fort Knox/Research Facility can be disabled without warning if there is a robbery in progress. If Fort Knox/Research Facility is being robbed, it is mandatory that all officers move in to stop the robbery. Police may break NLR once during a Fort Knox/Research Facility robbery. Lethal force may be used on robbers if no other alternative is available. Every option to tase and arrest the person should be made first. Any vehicles seen leaving the Fort Knox/Research Facility area may be searched at any time. This includes the I and T inventory. Any civilian who actively makes an attempt to block the police from entering the building may be treated as an accomplice to the robbers.