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  1. -Hunter-

    A Final Farewell to Darkside

    I remember my first week and kanji and myself were sitting in the middle of a circle in vikos getting made fun of about school shootings and being american for an hour. Nowadays if you say stuff like that people go to helpdesk, smh dude. I believe the circle you are talking about is the one I was in because I do remember grandpa being there.
  2. -Hunter-

    You Dont Need Skill For The Navid

    Its the brightness he has it on it looks weird but if he changed it to normal it would look like it usually does default
  3. -Hunter-

    How to Pubbie Part 1+2

    Nice video Hardy, I know if I had this as a pubbie I would have learned the ropes quicker. Great Information on the procedures and rules I hope it helps some of the newer officers out.
  4. -Hunter-

    campbell the rap god