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  1. Kanji

    Montage #450

    I miss Altis....
  2. Kanji

    Calculated landing

    Great example why not to use a m900.
  3. Kanji

    Isaiah's Memetage

    Those clips are older than me!
  4. Kanji

    Mike's Lynx / Air Montage

    Good frags and editing.
  5. Kanji

    Doing Cocaine Full Guide!

    You now have to Plant the cocaine before harvesting it. This doesn't affect anything in this guide just something to know
  6. Kanji

    Are you Sure About That?

    Good kill!
  7. Kanji

    Timmy Jimson Montage #4

    Not my personal preference. If I put music on a montage that I liked it wouldn't go so well.
  8. Kanji

    How to get to chop shop

    Went 500km in a ifrit and still survived the landing wow!
  9. Kanji

    Vikos launch

    Poor fellow
  10. Kanji

    Timmy Jimson Montage #4

  11. Kanji

    Solid First Day on Tanoa

    To infinity and beyond!
  12. Good guide hope it helps out the new guys!
  13. Kanji

    hatchback sport song

    Cringe! but interesting I guess.
  14. Kanji

    Clickers Montage of retarded skill

    Nice montage good music
  15. Kanji

    ToiletBrush's encounter

    Normal day in Darkside