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  1. Luke

    Weirdest Bug Yet?

    Welcome to Arma
  2. Luke

    Profile backup

  3. Luke

    Profile backup

    Why would you need a profile transfer? A full PC wipe doesn't delete your steam account, so you still have the same Steam ID and profile on the Darkside as long as you don't use a different account.
  4. Luke

    Server Menu Problems

    What resolution do you play on? Have you tried playing around with your display settings? This is a result of how the GUI positioning/sizing system adjusts according to the user's screen and settings. Let me know if the issue still persists and I'll see what I can do. Just haven't heard of many reports of it for a so haven't thought twice about it yet.
  5. Luke

    Salami - Darkside Montage #5

    Because you used a song in one of your videos, and someone used the same one 6 months later, this is such a horrible thing to do all of a sudden? It was 6 months ago, you don't even play anymore. You can't expect people to know the song every single person uses in their montages. Pretty stupid that you would randomly come on the forums to troll and start trouble like this.
  6. Luke

    Operation "The Fallen Orangutans"

    Well done, what an epic feat. You guys zerg rushed our base which had 2 people and got out GCU and took it to a PD. Nice. As ZrMz said, I think it's time we organised a restart war.
  7. Luke

    3000M Combat Landing

    Reminded me of an old video:
  8. Luke

    TFO | Damian's Montage #1

    The opening scene of Play School is longer than this video.
  9. Luke

    |TDA| Mike's Darkside Montage

    I suggest you guys watch what you say on this thread. Leave it at that @Mike and @Guardian.
  10. Luke

    |TDA| Mike's Darkside Montage

    The ear rape at the start... Not nice. Also nice one framing me for that heli trolling in Kavala. As soon as I saw you guys doing that I told you to stop. Other than that, you're a clown.
  11. Luke

    Cannot join Server

    We are currently aware of this issue and will be addressing it ASAP. There's nothing you can do about it until we restart the server with a fix. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  12. Luke

    PO7 and 4-5 ammo

    Thanks for reporting this issue, I will look into it to see what's up and let you know if I find any issues and or a fix.
  13. Luke

    Haggis - Darkside Montage - 5

    That HUD though.
  14. Quite a few spray and pray kills in this montage. I'm not the best montage maker so don't hate.
  15. After noticing the old crafting guide disappearing I decided to make a new one with all of the latest crafting items added. I will be making some edits to this guide in the next couple of days to add total raw resources required for each item. If you notice any issues in the guide, feel free to PM me on the forums or contact me on TeamSpeak. In addition to this crafting guide, TFO | Parks' girlfriend Sarah has put together a great spreadsheet which you can use to enter what you want to make and get the exact amount of resources you need for each crafting item. You can view and download it here: https://goo.gl/AQhwcY Components CPU Recipe: 2x Circuit Board 1x Crystal Glass 10x Copper Ingot Small Battery Recipe: 10x Hydrochloric Acid 1x Bronze 2x Iron Ingot Circuit Board Recipe: 10x Copper Ingot 3x Refined Oil 4x Hydrochloric Acid Bronze Recipe: 2x Iron Ingot 3x Copper Ingot Crystal Glass Recipe: 3x Glass 2x Copper Ingot Steel Recipe: 3x Iron Ingot 1x Refined Oil Lumber Recipe: 3x Treated Timber 1x Refined Oil Craftable Items Land Vehicle Security Upgrade Description: Apply this to a vehicle to enhance the vehicle's security, allowing you to unlock it via remote at a distance, adds GPS marker of the vehicle and making the vehicle difficult to lockpick Critical Success Product: Super Security Upgrade Critical Success Description: Enhances a vehicle's security system to a point where lock picking is impossible Recipe: 1x CPU 1x Small Battery 1x Crystal Glass 1x Circuit Board Land Vehicle Capacity Upgrade Description: Apply this to a vehicle to increase that vehicles carry weight, allowing you to store more inside of the vehicle's boot Critical Success Product: Super Capacity Upgrade Critical Success Description: Rather than a 50% increase this doubles the vehicles carry weight Recipe: 5x Steel 3x Hardened Lumber Land Vehicle Fuel Upgrade Description: Apply this to a vehicle to decrease its fuel consumption Critical Success Product: Super Fuel Upgrade Critical Success Description: The vehicle will use half the fuel amount and fuel darts will have a much higher miss rate Recipe: 12x Steel 20x Refined Oil Land Vehicle Ammo Upgrade (SINGLE USE ITEM) Description: Apply this to a land vehicle to enhance its weapons Recipe: 10x Cracking Device 1x Crystal Glass 50x Steel 1x Circuit Board 1x CPU Air Vehicle Ammo Upgrade (SINGLE USE ITEM) Description: Apply this to an air vehicle to enhance its weapons Recipe: 2x Vehicle Ammo Upgrade 1x Crystal Glass 100x Steel 10x Circuit Board 10x CPU Land Vehicle NOS Upgrade Description: Apply this to a vehicle to give it a temporary nitro boost Critical Success Product: 10 Use NOS Kit Critical Success Description: A NOS kit that can be used 10 times Recipe: 4x Hydrochloric Acid 5x Refined Oil 3x Steel Airbags Description: Installs 100 Airbags onto a vehicle Recipe: 30x Parachute 10x Steel Insurance Description: Adds 1 insurance life onto a vehicle (Total of 2 lives possible) Recipe: 290x Repair Kit 1x Classified Documents Body Armour Advanced Description: Body Armour with 50% extra protection from stun rounds Recipe: 10x Body Armour 10x Cut Diamond Lynx Description: Long Ranged Sniper Rifle Critical Success Product: LRPS Lynx Critical Success Description: Long Ranged Sniper Rifle with default LRPS Attachment Recipe: 20x Steel 5x Bronze 2x Crystal Glass APDS Lynx Rounds Description: Armour Penetrating Lynx Ammo Critical Success Product: 5 APDS Lynx Rounds Critical Success Description: 5 Armour Penetrating Lynx Ammo Recipe: 1x Steel 1x Bronze RPG HE Rocket Description: HE Rocket fired from an RPG Critical Success Product: RPG AP Round Critical Success Description: Armour Penetrating RPG Rocket Recipe: 2x Steel 1x Bronze RPG Launcher Description: Launcher used to fire RPG's Recipe: 10x Steel 5x Bronze 2x Circuit Board 4x Crystal Glass RPG-7 Launcher Description: Launcher used to fire an RPG Recipe: 8x Steel 4x Bronze 2x Circuit Board 2x Crystal Glass AK12 Grenade Launcher Description: AK12 Automatic Rifle, also able to fire grenades Recipe: 10x Steel 6x Bronze 10x Refined Oil 4x Crystal Glass Navid 9.3mm Description: Navid Medium Machine Gun Recipe: 2x Steel 10x Bronze 6x Refined Oil SPMG Description: An SPMG LMG Recipe: 10x Steel 7x Bronze 2x Refined Oil Bulletproof SUV Description: An SUV with a bulletproof cabin Recipe: 200x Steel 20x Crystal Glass 20x Bronze 20x Small Battery 50x Circuit Board 40x CPU 20x Refined Oil