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  1. Change Log (31/12/17)

    It won't give you money automatically for any buildings, so unfortunately you won't get anything for repairing unowned buildings.
  2. Change Log (31/12/17)

    The following changes have been made over the past month or so by myself and Huntah. New Phone call system Accessible through the 'Call Player' button in the phone menu Can be answered or declined by a call partner Multi-player group calls to come New crafting menu Overhauled menu design No more blueprint requirements Improved escape menu Buttons for our website, TeamSpeak and donation page Steam UID display in the bottom left Fireworks for new years eve and future events Changes Improved the accuracy and look of retrieving tags through the tilde key (~) All police can no longer purchase Go Karts Added a few new donor menu sounds IEDs now spawn directly on you and can be placed in buildings at different heights Jail work has had several buffs to the chances of receiving items Retrieved drones now spawn unlocked Whitelisted civilians no longer trigger gang hideout enter warnings Moved the Pyrgos safezone Police convoy waypoint out of the safezone Civilians can now unflip vehicles with people inside them Security contractors can no longer see their markers while restrained Vans can now be towed by mechanics Whitelisted civilians now only get spawn options for their specific role in the spawn menu Mechanics no longer get automatically payed for repairing buildings and must charge the building owner instead Bug fixes MCUs should now always be invulnerable while set up Spike strips now work properly around Zaros PD Help chat and trade chat are now less likely to disappear You should no longer get stuck in the 3D vehicle shop when you close it shortly after opening it The phone menu button text should now adjust properly on different screen resolutions Being restrained no longer causes your HUD to disappear Vehicles are now unloaded correctly off the back of mechanic trucks Being tazed or knocked out while bipoded no longer causes you to go invisible Dismantled drone backpacks can no longer be picked up Impounding vehicles as a mechanic now gives the correct amount of money Security shop info (7 key) now shows the correct percentage out of 100 for how much money is in shops The Police mission near the Bank now spawns in the right position MCUs no longer lose fuel when being packed back up Cancelling an ammo/weapon item unpack now properly cancels the action and doesn't unpack it anyways The sell price for the Mechanic Taru has been corrected Cancelling an IED defusal no longer removes the ability to defuse it again Resolved some bugs with the air launch function at bases Removed an old "Retrieved Impounded Vehicle" option from the Kavala PD air garage stand
  3. Darkside Clan War (Dec / Jan)

    Good game guys, looking forward to going up against 666 in the final war.
  4. Change Log (11/11/2017)

    The following are the changes that have been made by Huntah and me in the past couple of weeks. As always, if you come across any bugs please bug report them by pressing 9 in-game or through the Y menu. Some edits and additional information may be added to this change log within the first couple of days of it being posted, so stay tuned for that. If you have any questions or are unsure about anything in this change log, feel free to ask and we will be happy to answer any queries or concerns. New New Jail System The whole jail compound has been redesigned There are now several different jobs you can do for hard work to receive various rewards such as money, items (steroids, vehicle upgrade items, silent convoy starters, quick KOS capper... etc), vehicles, moral, faction points, steroid buffs and bail price reductions An armoury now exists which you can lockpick (obtained through hard work) to get inside of and obtain weapons and gear Jail Riots The new way of escaping jail instead of C4 being planted at the gate Started when a prisoner lockpicks the armoury at the back of the jail Police need to reset the terminal before the front doors unlock New Jail Times No rebel training maximum - 25 minutes Rebel training maximum - 35 minutes Rebel vehicle training maximum - 45 minutes Enemy of the state maximum - 60 minutes Enemy of the state status for players Automatically assigned to a player when they have a bounty of $25,000 or above You can tell if you're an enemy of the state if you have a 6 star bounty in the 1 menu Fake ID's do not work while you are an enemy of the state Police can KOS enemies of the state Enemies of the state can KOS the police Changes IEDs placement now has a cooldown of 15 seconds which prevents you from spam placing them Rebels can now restrain players with through interaction menu in addition to just unrestraining The nerve gas effects have been slightly buffed Skeletons no longer spawn inside vehicles Your chat is now hidden when the vehicle shop is open The auto run feature now only works when you're on 100% health to avoid exploiting Added some missing vehicles that can be loaded on a HEMTT Transport (Pawnee, all Taru variants) Fixes Police can no longer raid a Faction HQ multiple times at the same time Unflipping a vehicle should now always properly unflip it instead of only working correctly sometimes Restraining players with Shift + R should now be a lot more easier and less buggy The Weather Station now works properly again with weather changes now actually taking place All rebel convoy token missions now work properly and reward tokens when completed successfully The remove all items in the Y inventory feature no longer works when police are nearby Corrected a few quest menu typos Giving items on medics no longer produces a script error Failing to install an upgrade item on a vehicle now correctly returns the item The magazine repack feature can no longer be exploited with other common actions such as lockpicking The sell price of the police Ghost Hawk has been corrected Police can no longer detain a spy multiple times while it is already being detained Being aligned with the Neo Notorious faction with 400+ reputation points no longer gives all retrieved vehicles extra ammo All helicopter pilot helmets now offer oxygen protection when flying up high Buying night vision should no longer occasionally bug out and not give you them Medics should no longer see an Unknown Player marker when they revive someone New Rules Police can now only start a Faction HQ raid at the AI between the hours of 3PM - 9PM AEDT time Armed air vehicles can no longer be used during Faction HQ raids Rebel vehicle training license possession is no longer a charge of terrorism or instant max jail time Late Additions * If you have a charge of rioting you have a much lower chance of making anything decent in jail * Rioting charge is added when you glitch from jail, get admin jailed or retrieve a weapon from the armoury * Jail Island is no longer a KOS zone * You are not returned to your gang when sent to jail and you can not join a gang while in jail * Jail uniform added, also is forced on you for 5 minutes after escaping * No fly zone around jail has been increased to 500m and the timer has been increased to 15s (Shown by a black circle on the map)
  5. Profile backup

  6. Profile backup

    Why would you need a profile transfer? A full PC wipe doesn't delete your steam account, so you still have the same Steam ID and profile on the Darkside as long as you don't use a different account.
  7. Change Log (27th October)

    My bad, added that into the changelog but worded it badly. Changed to: Using Ctrl + R in a vehicle no longer triggers the magazine repack script, allowing it to be used to toggle vehicle radars again
  8. Server Menu Problems

    What resolution do you play on? Have you tried playing around with your display settings? This is a result of how the GUI positioning/sizing system adjusts according to the user's screen and settings. Let me know if the issue still persists and I'll see what I can do. Just haven't heard of many reports of it for a so haven't thought twice about it yet.
  9. Change Log (19th September - DB Wipe)

    I have added a few more things to the changelog including a new and improved NLR system, dynamic weather system, heaps of new clothing items and a couple of other things.
  10. Change Log (25/07/2017)

    The following changes have been made over the past few weeks by Huntah and I. This one is a bit short, but the new police changes are fairly important so need to be announced. If there are any issues with any of the following changes and you feel as though it's a bug, please bug report it and it will be addressed. New Police Patrol Officers Playable only through police quest 4 playable regular slots (+2 admin slots) Requires 'Patrol' to be in your name Same abilities as old Highway Patrol Squad (excluding patrol Hunter and fuel darting from it) Police Drone Squad 5 squad member limit (3 Can be online at once) Ability to retrieve multiple types of drones Surveillance truck with multiple cameras of different locations Heli-Drone has missiles enabled during martial law to combat rebel air vehicles Because drone squad are UAV instead of Combat Lifesavers, they can not use the normal police heal system. Because of this their police kit comes with 20 medikits Changes Vehicle retrieval and storing is now much faster and not as affected by server lag anymore Security now have to take actual bags from the bank instead of money, and trade them for payment at their HQ Security now drop items when they are killed (including money bags) The colour of whitelist and public cops now differ in shade Removed the unneeded 4 frame glitch information from the help menu Changed police trainer to slots Fixes Being killed while connected to a Drone now disconnects you so it can be used by other cops Impounded vehicles now properly show up back in your garage Fixed a bug where mechanics were not showing to others as mechanics
  11. Change Log (13/07/2017)

    The following changes have been made over the past few weeks by Huntah and I. If there are any issues with any of the following changes and you feel as though it's a bug, please bug report it and it will be addressed. New Altis Weather Station The area is a red zone KOS area It can be hacked by a rebel gang The owning gang can control the weather on the server Police can respond to hack attempts (6 cops required) Added new icons for several menu items Quick transportation for security and mechanics (through quests) Police Trainer rank (obtainable through application) Multiple map changes and edits (new bridges, Kavala square... etc) Changes Go Kart colour variants are now random Flare guns can no longer be fired in safe zones Vehicles can no longer be siphoned in safe zones The price of lotto tickets has been increased to $2500 The black version of the Police Hatchback (Sport) can no longer be purchased or retrieved Dying within 5 minutes of stealing illegal money now drops the money regardless of life insurance Improved the accuracy of getting into vehicles with E and Shift + E Reduced the police C4 defusal distance for the Bank, Jail and Power Station The distance at which strangling a player cancels has been reduced Vehicle crash sites now leave a crack in the ground Mechanics can now repair cracks in the ground from crashed vehicles Fixes High ranking police officers now get the correct max Y menu weight All illegal items are now correctly removed from players when they are sent to jail Taking damage in a safe zone no longer heals you Police can now E and Shift E into police convoys without it's keys The token mission for stealing hospital chemicals now works properly Upgrading a police hellcat with the ammo upgrade no longer gives it ammo if you're not a Coast Guard GCUs can now be unflipped properly Vehicles can no longer be refuelled for free at the gas stations with new Tanoa/Malden pumps Car bomb missions now correctly fail if the vehicle is blown up before it detonates Opening a house's vehicle garage should no longer bug out and fail to open KOS owners now properly save through restarts Installing a NOS kit with multiple strength kits in your inventory will now use the most powerful one The server will no longer give out random vehicle storing related messages Buzzard jets no longer spawn armed with 2 bombs
  12. This clan war ended up being a lot of fun, with some intense combat on the new Malden map. Unfortunately 2 of the participating clans had to be disqualified as they had players participating who weren't in the clan, defeating the purpose of a 'clan war'. Winning clans: 1. TFO - 476 points 2. 666 - 261 points 3. FU - 162 points 4. TF - 157 points 5. APO - 109 points 6. APMC - 78 points Disqualified clans: 7. TDA - 295 points 8. CoSW - 78 points The TeamSpeak channel positions for each clan have been adjusted according to these results, and the winner rewards will be handed out within the next couple of days. As for clan base positions, @ZrMz_x will be putting up a thread this week for each clan to choose their positions. Thank you to all of those who participated. We hope you had fun and enjoyed the clan war.
  13. Salami - Darkside Montage #5

    Because you used a song in one of your videos, and someone used the same one 6 months later, this is such a horrible thing to do all of a sudden? It was 6 months ago, you don't even play anymore. You can't expect people to know the song every single person uses in their montages. Pretty stupid that you would randomly come on the forums to troll and start trouble like this.