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  1. Fumuku International. [RECRUITMENT | OPEN]

    Official Forums Release soon! it will have all the information about the company
  2. Fumuku International. [RECRUITMENT | OPEN]

    Thanks! Appreciate it
  3. Fumuku International. [RECRUITMENT | OPEN]

    Thanks man Glad you like it, Usually i have all of it on this page using Spoilers and stuff but this community doesn't have that for members, So I'm finishing up the website for all the servers Fumuku is on
  4. FUMUKU International was founded in 1936 from 6 original companies from nearly all areas of industry: Fronskeli Munitions Ulek Medical Malkrin Industries Umas Automotive Kromarti Theoretical Sciences Uokoiya Agricultural FUMUKU International holds design patents on its current developments in the following areas, use of said FUMUKU Designs without proper consent is subject to a lawsuit for foreclosure on the business venture: "Use your own designs people." Private Transit: FUMUKU: Armored Personal Transport: Grousk/Traka Advertisements: FUMUKU Brand Fullbody holograms Packaging: FUMUKU Brand Secure Shipping Crates" Security Systems: Current Patent IDs: 03-AALIYAH/H 063AN01 HLC09-ACRUX I-RIGEL/AO 061ANCM GAN01-SS-GC XCG-B050 HLC02-SIRIUS Official Website Template In-game Name: Age: Country: Previous Gangs-Companys: Hours on Arma 3: Why do you want to join?: Strengths: Weaknesses: Are you financially stable(How Much)?: Do you have rebel? Can anyone in the Company vouch for you? (If so who?)