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  1. Fliqqs


    saw the word montage, heard a trap beat
  2. Fliqqs

    Shot of the year?

    Post your amazing shot.
  3. Fliqqs

    Old Funny's video

    a time before the fire nation attacked
  4. AHAHAH ayy shout out to LSD gang, RIP.
  5. Fliqqs

    I Need A Hero

    i hope that one day if i get a abducted my naked savior will crawl under trucks to rescue me.
  6. Fliqqs

    mems vol 1

    Isephs back and he's wheezer than ever
  7. Fliqqs

    When cops show you how it is done

  8. Fliqqs

    Comp Request

    this would usually be denied as you should not be doing runs that late in the server up time, however as you are a new player I have put some money in your account.
  9. Fliqqs

    Fliqqs' Funnies VII

    Some clips from tanoa and other random stuff
  10. Fliqqs

    how to unlist items on DbaY?

    You can buy your own item for free, so just do that to take it off
  11. Fliqqs

    Tonoa Life with 666 #1

  12. this isnt my wiggles CD.