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  1. Fliqqs

    Tonoa Life with 666 #1

  2. this isnt my wiggles CD.
  3. Fliqqs

    TS and Server

    It is scheduled maintenance
  4. Fliqqs

    still not working

    If you have all the mods loaded, try right click on them in the launcher and select repair.
  5. Fliqqs

    Gus' Darkside Best Moments | #1

    He probably missed a semi colon in the mission file and was fixing it
  6. Fliqqs

    Christmas Donation Winners!

    I wonder how crusty that beanie is
  7. If you have a Nvidea Graphics card you can download shadow play from here: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/geforce-experience/shadowplay/ It allows you to set a hot key to record the last minutes you set. It can be from 30 seconds up to 2 Hours. If you have an AMD Graphics card you can use plays TV found here: https://plays.tv/ If you need a hand setting them up dont hesitate to send me a message!
  8. Fliqqs

    Joining the bandwagon, Rzqt Cp2 jump

    Shot with PowerPoint?
  9. Fliqqs

    When handing your self in goes wrong

    Quite Justified in my Opinion, currently there is no way for cops to tell if civs / rebels are using jail breaker cards. This is obviously not the case if their bounty is above 60k where Jail breaker cards dont work. This being given the ability to kill police on sight with no Dec far outweighs putting an enemy of the state in jail for 60 minutes at max. Personally any enemy of the state with a bounty below 60k will be killed regardless of surrendering or not.
  10. Fliqqs

    This is What happens when people camp south Rebel xD

    I look forward to your unban appeal in regards to that civ.
  11. Pr0magic and the prisoner of Altis
  12. Fliqqs

    Random Moments Compilation | Vol III

    Arma Alert Nation
  13. Fliqqs

    S P E E D