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  1. Christmas Donation Winners!

    I wonder how crusty that beanie is
  2. Joining the bandwagon, Rzqt Cp2 jump

    Shot with PowerPoint?
  3. When handing your self in goes wrong

    Quite Justified in my Opinion, currently there is no way for cops to tell if civs / rebels are using jail breaker cards. This is obviously not the case if their bounty is above 60k where Jail breaker cards dont work. This being given the ability to kill police on sight with no Dec far outweighs putting an enemy of the state in jail for 60 minutes at max. Personally any enemy of the state with a bounty below 60k will be killed regardless of surrendering or not.
  4. This is What happens when people camp south Rebel xD

    I look forward to your unban appeal in regards to that civ.
  5. Pr0magic and the prisoner of Altis
  6. Random Moments Compilation | Vol III

    Arma Alert Nation
  7. S P E E D

  8. trucky needs to lean to drive

    thats a ban (im joking)
  9. Quick Hospital Holdoff

    The power of 3rd person
  10. ArmA 3: DarkSide - Funny Moments #1

    Gets pubs to siren him, boosts into the sunset killing himself...
  11. Down Time

  12. Dedicated Staff Positions

    As well as ban first, ask questions later?