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  1. Grant GumBoots


    Yes i agree nearly as ape shit as... well as. I OPENED 20 DARK WEB MYSTERY PACKAGES AND THIS HAPPENED!!!!!!11!!1!!1
  2. Grant GumBoots


    You forgot to mention the part about the AA!
  3. Grant GumBoots

    Demo's Cyrus & Co. Montage #77

    Only saying that cuz u died 2 it n00b
  4. Grant GumBoots

    Demo's Cyrus & Co. Montage #77

    couldnt have said it better you bot @n a t h a n
  5. Grant GumBoots

    The Zerg Has arrived

  6. Grant GumBoots


    Can confirm i am way cooler and smarter than nathan also a way cooler and epicer fragger
  7. Grant GumBoots

    Haggis Montage #101204 im bad at the game

    COPS R OP nah jk good montage
  8. Grant GumBoots

    now this is how you do a back flip

    10 | 10 | 10
  9. Grant GumBoots

    mk200 sux

    i r8 8/8
  10. Grant GumBoots

    What are they feeding rebels these days?

    Level 5 armor vests and level 5 helmets xd
  11. Grant GumBoots

    Skaars Montage 2

    Had to watch it on mute cuz im in science but still very good kills
  12. Grant GumBoots

    Best AMP Kills.

    Don't worry hardy, I'll take your place. *salutes*
  13. Grant GumBoots

    Best AMP Kills.

    Yeah well I mean IM NOT A N4RD OK! But the first was
  14. Grant GumBoots

    Best AMP Kills.

    I sadly realize this as i watch it for the 8th time that i can no longer pen golden eagle out of vehicles
  15. Grant GumBoots

    makes sense

    I mean at least we got away with the money right?