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  1. Grant GumBoots

    Fliqqs for president

    Better quality dingy
  2. Grant GumBoots

    few frags before the wipe

    Best song.
  3. Grant GumBoots

    Grants Kills & Bullfrickery #1

    ^^^ Yes ik the quality is shit im tryna fix it
  4. Grant GumBoots

    Grants Kills & Bullfrickery #1

    First one tell me how it is
  5. Grant GumBoots

    Rick's Moments

    Im sorry rickypoo
  6. Grant GumBoots

    Kill Montage #1

    Oh shit, Oh shit nononononononono not my wanted level!11!1!! *Alt-F4 intensifies*
  7. Grant GumBoots

    RIP Mexicans

  8. Grant GumBoots

    Josh's time on Darkside Vol 2

    I just realised im in this yay!
  9. Grant GumBoots

    My Potato Pc, Adventure

    OMG apds lynx op plox n4rf
  10. Grant GumBoots

    I got nothing from server event

    Yes i am 100% positive i remember have the same amount of skill points faction points and money
  11. Grant GumBoots

    I got nothing from server event

    Last night when we had the server event i received no reward at all. I was on the first point the entire time and the second point i was on about 80% of the time i spent 200k on the event while other gang members spent more than me they actually got some rewards. IDK why this happened does it maybe have something to do with me being dead when it ended? I didn't log out the entire event i didn't even abort. thanks Grant
  12. Grant GumBoots


    Yes i agree nearly as ape shit as... well as. I OPENED 20 DARK WEB MYSTERY PACKAGES AND THIS HAPPENED!!!!!!11!!1!!1
  13. Grant GumBoots


    You forgot to mention the part about the AA!