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  1. Lynxaa

    Josh's Time on Darkside Vol 3

    maybe if ghost wasn't shit and didn't run off by himself he'd still have that bounty
  2. Lynxaa

    a3 montage

    Don't crush their hopes and dreams. Smart arses are always correct until they are wrong and have a cry and make sure everyone knows about it.
  3. Lynxaa

    a3 montage

    Terrible comparison, but I won't waste my time arguing with you.
  4. Lynxaa

    a3 montage

    when koth wasn't utter dog shit due to crying babies, feels bad man
  5. Lynxaa

    a3 montage

    explains a lot, all the people did on the au servers was complain and cry about air vehicles because they couldn't compete.
  6. Lynxaa

    a3 montage

    how old are those koth clips? iirc all the little fuck bois cried about being trash in air vehicles and they went inf only
  7. Lynxaa

    Shot of the year?

    I would post my amazing shot but your mum might not like it
  8. Lynxaa

    Please dont nerf zafir last lmg left D:

    zafir has always been beast, even more so since tanoa
  9. Lynxaa

    AKM Is Cooked

    that wouldn't be effective, you need to think on a bigger scale.
  10. Lynxaa

    AKM Is Cooked

    I wasn't talking about the AKM.
  11. Lynxaa

    AKM Is Cooked

    if you aim down sight you're actually more accurate, that way you don't dump 2 mags within 5 metres of a cop.
  12. Lynxaa

    Lynx is cooked

    ranged to 300m for a 20m kill.
  13. Lynxaa

    Server Connection Issues

    Try it.
  14. Lynxaa

    Server Connection Issues

    Are you on the east or west coast? It's possible you're getting kicked off for a ping limitation. Does your internet connection fluctuate frequently? (Streaming videos in high resolution causes this, downloads, uploads, etc..)