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  1. Good video but it was a bit tough to watch, rough on the eyes lol Did you let the recordings decide the projects framerate? if so remember to adjust it yourself and it may smooth out the video a bit.
  2. Lynxaa

    Salty Children - Exposed

    Absolutely brilliant.
  3. Lynxaa

    Salty Children - Exposed

    I don't think you should be speaking about professionalism with the side you're coming from.
  4. Lynxaa

    Salty Children - Exposed

    Actually no, Huntah agreed with some points made by Nuta against my promotion back then as well as Bartender, I got promoted by them because the initial reason for holding me back is that iSeph and myself took over a police convoy, redrew the marks on the map and ended up getting the MCU stolen and blown up at fort knox, which was never noted and we were never talked to about this before hand by the Disciplinary Commissioner. I don't want you to drag Nuta's name into this as it doesn't concern him at all and I'm sure he'd respect that as well, I still hold my respect for Nuta the same way I did when I joined the server, and I don't dislike him to this day, he was a good cop and he benefited the cop force, him leaving and the way he reacted to the situation was unforeseen, did you forget Dab had been held back in the same promotion for being too vocal? He also got promoted during this time. Meme Cuisine who was there during my conversation with Nuta even said the way I spoke to Nuta was below reasonable and that I shouldn't have a promotion based on that, someone in our own gang, but there are many other factors that had played in and biased opinions weren't one of them, I would post more on this topic but it's not relevant and I don't believe it's my place to talk about it. For our Help Desk round we were initially denied because we were in 666, Bartender made a post for existing staff to vote on and your body Rice voted for me and iSeph, as well as a few others so we got selected because the owners knew us more so than others that applied, and that's what part of the selection process comes down to, we wont select just anyone for Help Desk, we select people we know will be responsible with the position. I can see where you're coming from, as it does appear we get special treatment to most but it's quite the opposite, there's more expected from us and initially when we started playing on tanoa we basically had no chance at Help Desk rounds until others outside 666 had a vote for it, if Bartender didn't ask for opinions on who should be getting help desk from existing staff we wouldn't have been chosen, and this is known to Rice and anyone else around back then.
  5. Lynxaa

    Salty Children - Exposed

    And your first sentence is the entire reason for my post. The actions by me were done and only exposed to Luke & RoyaL, thus why the punishment wasn't public because it was held and managed between staff members, like I said in my post Luke could never keep his mouth shut about anything, and you being a former TFO member know he always prioritized his gang members for anything and everything. If there's any case of someone being biased it's clear it's Luke without a shadow of doubt, you should know this. He promoted his own best bud, interviewed his gang members by himself and threw in a sneaky cheeky low hour promo to Constable (he had about, 11 hours played on cop.), I don't know where that Constable promotion note went, kinda odd.. But he only got demoted because I was in the promotions last month, and when I said I was demoting RoyaL all I saw was Luke's mic light up for a split second and he didn't even bother, he got Senior Constable with 12 hours played in 3 months. Now there's a few things you guys are still yet to learn about life, and it's pretty funny actually. Do you guys honestly believe in free speech without knowing what it actually stands for? Defamation isn't free speech, and no you probably wont be banned because your post isn't mindless child rage, and also free speech doesn't mean anyone can say anything and get away with it, you can still no matter what country or where you are, get punished for saying something, if you go say "fuck you" to a cop in real life and continue abusing him or what ever in the name of free speech your day wont end well. Also while we're on here, surely you off all people can see that anything attempted towards Huntah can be considered defamation, right? I bet 90% of the sheep involved probably don't even know what that word means. It's not illegal nor is it against YouTube's policies, all material in the video is view-able by the public and it's been used in a way that is allowed. You didn't get what I meant, Luke had added a new spectate system where literally everyone appeared on the left side of our screens, yes we'd get alerted on the first person we spectated but after that we could freely view anyone without alerting other staff members, and they did this during the clan war to spectate Scorp. And yeah Huntah had godmode on before that bank to deal with some RDM kid if I recall correctly, was a while ago though. But after he killed you guys up on the hill who admitted it, revived you guys and apologized for forgetting? After that situation a constant reminder was also added in that alerted and annoys the shit out of you until you turn off godmode, and since then no other situation alike has occurred. The main issue with the clowns that left is they left with the thought process that they never got a thank you, or get respected or what ever the little princesses felt, regardless their poor feelings got hurt and they thought they never got a thank you from the owners, if you still believe this rewatch mith's video. And one last thing, me putting my head in a wall didn't in any shape or form warrant a rank removal, demotion or ban. If I were to catch a normal player doing such activities they'd simply get told it's considered to be exploiting and to avoid doing it from now on, you live and you learn, the sheep don't learn. It was never going to be a private matter, Luke went on the dedi and stole logs for a year and searched "OnEachFrame" to try find evidence before all their resignation posts, it was clear from the get go they were going out in a salty fit of rage, dub the impression in if you want the full effect.
  6. Lynxaa

    Salty Children - Exposed

    I will add some more insight to my head in wall act as it never has become public as to my punishment behind it, and while this entire thing was kept relatively private between the people involved, I doubt it's very private amongst the group of drop kicks. The end ruling for my actions resulted in a punishment where Luke gained from it and I lost previous efforts worth on getting something brand new (this will remain vague), but that wasn't good enough for Luke, he wanted my Admin rank completely revoked without any consideration for my efforts over the years as a staff member on the server, and it was very clear to the people involved that he wasn't going to be happy with any other result. If you guys haven't gotten the hint yet, Luke is very self centered and doesn't display consideration for anyone but himself or his gang members / friends, take the whole blue dragon gaming incident, or those very strangely timed mid night special auctions, need I say more? So in regards to putting your head through a wall; it is considered to be exploiting yes, however it's yet another ruling on every single server and gamemode that cannot be governed unless we sit on the server spectating every single player, which the responsible admins don't do, nor did we exploit the new spectating system our dear Luke added in and started spectating an owner during a clan war because "he wasn't using range finders!!", what an absolute joke, it's called using your map for a 3d marker you dunces. TL;DR I got punished in a way I'd considered to be rather severe, Luke got any apology regardless of whether he accepts I don't give two shits anymore, and the head in wall meme is and always will be considered exploiting, but it's not governable, if you're caught doing it I doubt I'll be one to punish you heavily likewise with every first run in. Now, shall we address this entertaining meme of the shitfest known as 666 vs TFO clan war? In my opinion clan wars are so bland, said the one losing and proceeding to rage quit after dying. These rejects still claim to have scripts of owners using esp / etc during this war however isn't it odd nothing has been posted? The only actual script of esp being used was on the 29th of September, 2017 which happened to be the Presidential clan war at 666 base that we had as a server event, other instances of scripts are simple quests skips most likely for testing or admin rewards, which we as staff are all entitled too, but only a very limited amount. Also, in terms of me putting my head through a wall, this is definitely one of the most innocent things done in comparison to certain previous staff members, unlike modifying the mission file and adding in ATM's for your own gang members, or starting special auctions so your gang can get special items, or running a redundant amount of special auctions at the start of a wipe enabling players access to garagable dar pawnees.. So yea, TFO eat my ass.
  7. Lynxaa

    Anyone unable to edit posts?

    You cannot edit posts after a certain time thread, how long after posting did you try to edit?
  8. Lynxaa

    Getting kicked when at Non-Modded Zone

    Ah, I was under the impression you were intentionally entering the zone by the way you worded it. Do you have any mods loaded? (JSRS for example)
  9. Lynxaa

    Getting kicked when at Non-Modded Zone

    Uh.. do you have the mods activated?
  10. Lynxaa

    User's not SSL secure

    SSL certificates are very nice indeed, but are not an essential requirement and in my opinion, not having one doesn't pose any substantial security risk, our forums are paid for and hosted by IPS, all of our traffic and other connections are directed through IPS, if we used an illegal copy of IPS' software then yes, we would probably have a major security risk on our hands. As for secure payments, we don't require any sensitive information to be entered on our end, nor do we save any payment information or private information like full names, etc. I am more than sure that IPS tests their security multiple times a month and if we were to perform a pen test it wouldn't give us any better of an indication for security compared to what we already know. I can safely assure that anyone using our forum is secure when it comes to payments, but like you did say, passwords, while unlikely, may still be susceptible to middle man attacks and like with any website, you should always use a secure password and have a different one for each website you visit if you're that worried about your sensitive information. I've left this vague since I don't want to go into a tonne of detail, if you know how SSL certs work then you should be able to understand my reply.
  11. Lynxaa

    Teamspeak unban legaless

    What's your TS3 GUID? Find it at Tools -> Identities EDIT: Ban removed.
  12. Lynxaa

    Shadowplay Help

    I've had so many problems with shadowplay since their gay ass update to 3.0 that I swapped to PlaysTV, even if I need to close my game for a recording to save, it still records.
  13. Lynxaa


    It's most likely a routing issue on either side; your ISP or our host's ISP. You could try contact your ISP and ask them to run some connection tests to establish if it's a problem on their end, and vis versa.