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  1. Lynxaa

    Server Connection Issues

    Try it.
  2. Lynxaa

    Server Connection Issues

    Are you on the east or west coast? It's possible you're getting kicked off for a ping limitation. Does your internet connection fluctuate frequently? (Streaming videos in high resolution causes this, downloads, uploads, etc..)
  3. Lynxaa

    Darkside interactive ISS7 screen

    For future reference, the escape menu ingame has a little finger click icon that redirects you to the direct version of the interactive site, the link posted by Choofa. I'd recommend bookmarking it if you get continuous problems with the domain.
  4. Lynxaa

    mems vol 1

    I don't have perfect frames at all lol, most of the clips are from night time when player pop drops to about 50, during the day with 80-100 players I'm usually on 23-28 fps, during fort knox with close combat in the building I drop to 20 fps. I just drop my view distance to 500m during most combat on Tanoa, render settings also help smooth out the videos fps and make it less jittery.
  5. Lynxaa

    Unrelated title

    Yep. C:\Users\<USERNAME>\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\ Settings are in <USERNAME>.Arma3Profile
  6. Lynxaa

    Unrelated title

    Because the HUD is hidden behind a different flying control set, there may not be a way to enable it without forcing that flight model. From your post I thought you wont the HUD without the advanced flight control set.
  7. Lynxaa

    Unrelated title

    Ah.. while it would be cool I'm not too sure if there's a way to force the hud to be enabled since it's nested behind game options, it may not be exposed to Arma's scripting interface. You then need to consider, how would someone toggle this functionality (Y menu?), and whether we want to include another setting being saved in the database, which while sql queries are typically very quickly, the more data you query the longer it takes. It would be neat, but it is a very cosmetic request.
  8. Lynxaa

    Unrelated title

    What do you mean by this? Are you thinking of some helmet based HUD?
  9. Lynxaa

    Mike's Adventures Episode 4

    1:16 I love how you instantly stop giggling, owned noob.
  10. Lynxaa

    joing teamspeak

    https://www.teamspeak.com/en/downloads our ts ip: ts.thedarksidegames.com:10004
  11. Lynxaa

    Demo's Montage #77

    worked fine for me what are your pc specs?
  12. Lynxaa

    Turns out my first wasn't my last.

    just a tip, lower the sound of loud as clips, got my ear drums blown up in a few clips.
  13. Lynxaa

    cant take out vehicles

    you sure you didn't have your armed offroad selected?
  14. Good video but it was a bit tough to watch, rough on the eyes lol Did you let the recordings decide the projects framerate? if so remember to adjust it yourself and it may smooth out the video a bit.