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  1. Golden-Eagle

    Please dont nerf zafir last lmg left D:

    New navid
  2. Golden-Eagle

    Best AMP Kills.

    Wot m8
  3. Golden-Eagle

    Shot of the year?

  4. Golden-Eagle

    Lynx is cooked

    Yes you can, aim down and git gud. No but seriously sometimes I'm right next to someone and he's prone and bullets go straight through them.
  5. Golden-Eagle

    Clickers Video of Crummy Skill.

    Switch to Advanced flight model and you can actually use your wheels.
  6. Golden-Eagle

    Taxi missions Glitch.

    Forget it, looks like u don't use it so it's not the case.
  7. Golden-Eagle

    Taxi missions Glitch.

    Do you use the map location finder? If so, I think it has to do with that. Try not to use it.
  8. Golden-Eagle

    The Popperitis - Grand Reveal

    Nice rdm
  9. Golden-Eagle

    Unrelated title

    Cheers big fella
  10. Golden-Eagle

    Unrelated title

    Seems like I just need to get used to it because I used to be used to that kind of flying in a different game. Also, is there a way to transfer same controls to different profile in Arma? So say I have a civ profile and cop profile I want both of them to have same settings is there a way to copy paste settings or just not be lazy and do it one by one
  11. Golden-Eagle

    Unrelated title

    Don't really know what you are trying to say here but the setting is working in darkside and I hated it because I don't understand it. It just keeps doing random stuff for example when I enable the setting then the engine just won't turn on unless I scroll wheel, and when I collective lower or whatever it's called it drops down too low. (cause me to crash once and disabled it). I might have to watch a tutorial or something.
  12. Golden-Eagle

    Unrelated title

    Jonharness' pic man
  13. Golden-Eagle

    Unrelated title

  14. Golden-Eagle

    Unrelated title

    Was just wondering if you can add HUD into the humming bird I've seen some videos that have it. Shortest post of ma life
  15. Golden-Eagle

    Stuck on Receiving Data

    I once restarted my laptop and fixed it. Might me what @tReNsaid.