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  1. Golden-Eagle


    Now that really is skill, especially how you hopped out straight after landing to repair before it blows up.
  2. Golden-Eagle

    How to take out cash

    Some ATM's on Altis are marked on your map (press m to open map). Go to one and press windows key, put the amount and press widthraw. If windows key doesn't work go to controls show: custom controls and bind user action 10 and use that.
  3. Golden-Eagle

    Joining the medic dept!

    There should be an edit button under the face picture of your character.
  4. Golden-Eagle

    Taking A Stand!

    I’m not a 100% sure but i don’t think they do, and that’s where the buff is.
  5. Golden-Eagle

    Here comes the Money

    He didn't get a single buck
  6. Golden-Eagle

    Pomf Pomf Featuring Fliqqs!

  7. Golden-Eagle

    Best AMP Kills.

    Wot m8
  8. Golden-Eagle

    Shot of the year?

  9. Golden-Eagle

    Lynx is cooked

    Yes you can, aim down and git gud. No but seriously sometimes I'm right next to someone and he's prone and bullets go straight through them.
  10. Golden-Eagle

    Clickers Video of Crummy Skill.

    Switch to Advanced flight model and you can actually use your wheels.
  11. Golden-Eagle

    Taxi missions Glitch.

    Forget it, looks like u don't use it so it's not the case.
  12. Golden-Eagle

    Taxi missions Glitch.

    Do you use the map location finder? If so, I think it has to do with that. Try not to use it.
  13. Golden-Eagle

    The Popperitis - Grand Reveal

    Nice rdm