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  1. Golden-Eagle

    Stuck on Receiving Data

    I once restarted my laptop and fixed it. Might me what @tReNsaid.
  2. Golden-Eagle

    'Dell'icious Destruction

    Maybe the rocket was stuck in a cabinet then it collapsed and kept going.
  3. Golden-Eagle

    Fliqqs' Funnies VII

    Haha funny haha
  4. Golden-Eagle

    New player

    Enjoy. Make sure you read over the rules
  5. Golden-Eagle

    New player

    Please tell me if it works buddy.
  6. Golden-Eagle

    New player

    That's not what he means. He is joining pub cop slot without having enough hours as civ so it says you need 5 hours.
  7. Golden-Eagle

    New player

    Hey buddy, when you join the server, you need to join the civilian slot on the left marked purple. Then choose a public civilian slot from there and you should be fine.
  8. Golden-Eagle


    Typical 666 riot
  9. Golden-Eagle

    The Great Escape

    Was a 2 man though, and cops defused at the last 30 seconds.
  10. Golden-Eagle

    The Great Escape

    I actually went to fort Knox after, then I glitched and died. ( Ik none cares)
  11. Golden-Eagle

    The Great Escape

    Lol that gorgon was patrolling Harcourt and then they came to you. I actually though they caught you near the airfield where I msgd you
  12. I also had this issue changed to 32bit and worked but not sure yet. Also quick question when I spawned I got stuck in spawn Island and couldn't go anywhere, how to fix?
  13. Golden-Eagle

    Knew i have heard the intro song for civilians before.

    Feels good experiencing 3 fps with that intro music