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  1. M y l e Z | Memetage #5

    haha awesome video as always good to watch something funny and not just shooting cops with navids .
  2. Taking SunDragoness to Edessa bay

    my bois saved me haha that was an intense rush and got vdmed in the process. I'm glad my singing wasn't recorded haha.
  3. Staff Promotions 13/1/2018

    already changed your signature ay haha. grats And grats to all the new helpdesk and mods!
  4. Help Desk Applications - 2/1/2018

    good luck everyone!! Keen to see who will be joining the staff team
  5. Darkside Clan War (Dec / Jan)

    Just get your dudes that are on the clan base run around strangling and chopping their vehicles.
  6. Later Bolt

    Moto of the story always double check yourself ^^, cops have gotten into trouble before for using a tool against a weapon a cop called out but wasn't true.
  7. Later Bolt

    was about to say the same haha . I remember all us 666 trying to chase a cop. it aint easy.
  8. Piggie Muster with the 666 Gang!

    haha yes like what @SCORPIOX said we had just completed a hostage mission on their highest ranking and wanted to do another with the last responding officer at the scene for some more fun
  9. Piggie Muster with the 666 Gang!

    when hes not killing team mates, hes killing the hostage
  10. Screenshots

    DSAPD! Fully licensed to pilot and Drive! Join the Special forces today!
  11. The ultimate VDM

    Things I love about Arma! Haha
  12. Change Log (8th October 2017)

    Im glad we don't have to spend more money on building box items then the terrorism mission reward now haha. Good job Guys ^^. It would vanish when you put it on, but if you drag it into your backpack (if it fits) it might stay??
  13. Screenshots

    That does not surprise me one bit. At least no one is alive to complain XD.