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  1. ❣️SunDragoness❣️

    Josh vs Nick western duel

    HAHA when people have been playing too much red dead redemption 2
  2. ❣️SunDragoness❣️

    Josh's time on Darkside Thus Far

    POOR @Stooge Doing the hostage mission and gets shot in the face haha.
  3. ❣️SunDragoness❣️

    The Zerg Has arrived

    this explains why 70% of your police force got hostaged while we were scouting a fort =/ Ashame they all transported in their bitch bus away when we wanted to raid them earlier though, because they were outnumbered then =p
  4. ❣️SunDragoness❣️

    What are they feeding rebels these days?

    I'm not sure what the situation was at this part of time but close shots like that, with the lower tier weapons (5.56 - 6.5mm) can sometimes be more effective on stun With rebels level 5 vests and helmets and stuns are not effected by their gear, only stun armour and the closer you are the more effect the stun rounds are.
  5. ❣️SunDragoness❣️

    FU Need better pilots (:....

    I still love how the cross-hair looks like a 2-year old picked up a sharpie pen and drew a poorly symmetrical circle on the helicopters window-screen.
  6. ❣️SunDragoness❣️

    What the FACK are you made off ??!

    I remember this happening years ago when i was new on the servers police force. there was a weird invisible wall in the corners so the bullets hit nothing, I can see hit bullet clouds hit in front of him. would of thought they fixed it by now.
  7. ❣️SunDragoness❣️

    Avoiding a hostage mission

    Haha looking behind you like ....
  8. ❣️SunDragoness❣️

    The cops picked the wrong people to trail

    Such a swarm haha. Always see those 2 striders rolling around.
  9. ❣️SunDragoness❣️

    Another Haggis Montage!

    yes because all cops have Lynxs Nice shots HaggiWaggi!
  10. ❣️SunDragoness❣️

    An Old Throwback to the Legendary Lt. Desync

    Thats hot
  11. ❣️SunDragoness❣️


    When @Finns tries to fly too close to the ocean. We have to resort to water scooters. Don't we look dashing!
  12. ❣️SunDragoness❣️


    I dont know whats happening here, kung fu shoulders and my poor dog being touched. Try getting in here terrorists Derby Day with cocks on our heads Derby Day Going for a jog A New Zealander in their natural Habitat
  13. ❣️SunDragoness❣️

    Refuelling sound bugged

    Every known and then i hear a car go past and its a horrendous screech that i need to take my headset off but i assumed it was just my headset. Might be something weird with arma atm because ive heard this happen to others randomly. Its just random with sounds id say not that particular sound effect otherwise everyone would be hearing it screech.
  14. ❣️SunDragoness❣️

    Refuelling sound bugged

    Doesn't seam to happen to me, works fine. does the same thing happen with other sounds like repairing or siphoning?
  15. ❣️SunDragoness❣️

    Isaiah's Memetage

    wow a military zone. and omg patrol points i remember that shit