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  1. ⚜ SunDragoness ⚜

    Isaiah's Memetage

    wow a military zone. and omg patrol points i remember that shit
  2. ⚜ SunDragoness ⚜

    House missing

    please use the comp request guideline and explain how much you paid for the house (inc. any upgrades) for what you need to be comped.
  3. ⚜ SunDragoness ⚜

    A day in Vikos

    Pretty cool as city right there! Entertaining to see how people react and drive. And the helicopter crash towards the end and a cop and medic on the scene straight away.
  4. ⚜ SunDragoness ⚜

    Rikimaru's Time At Cheakpoint 3

    yea the bois!
  5. ⚜ SunDragoness ⚜

    Hyena boi

    *Haggis slowly dying in the back
  6. ⚜ SunDragoness ⚜

    How to Math

    haah not the brightest in the clan are ya Goosey ? @Mongoose
  7. ⚜ SunDragoness ⚜

    Hard drive full

    Is there just cosw and cops on the server?
  8. ⚜ SunDragoness ⚜

    Knew i have heard the intro song for civilians before.

    haha i remember this song from school.
  9. ⚜ SunDragoness ⚜

    Knew i have heard the intro song for civilians before.

    Its the Darkside, we dont have unicorns and cotton candy music ^^
  10. ⚜ SunDragoness ⚜


    Try restarting your router and delete all mission files. so go to %appdata% -> click back one step (data) -> Local -> Arma 3 -> MPmissioncache. Delete all those and re download the server mission file. Hope this helps.
  11. ⚜ SunDragoness ⚜

    Arma 3 Glitches (For Jason)

    gotta love arma sometimes. Some of the funniest moments are the glitches ^^
  12. ⚜ SunDragoness ⚜


    Press Camera Footage of the Hearse Race!
  13. ⚜ SunDragoness ⚜

    The Chronicles of Constable Saber Ep.1 (Tase/Restrain Montage)

    hey thats me at 2:00 haha surprised i killed 2 cops solo :D. Takes a bit to taze people now huh?
  14. ⚜ SunDragoness ⚜

    Vikos launch

    He went to space haha. Hey man thats a cool city there..
  15. ⚜ SunDragoness ⚜

    Found a bug. AN AWESOME BUG!

    Everyone's first experience with the nos spam is always great. Love the reactions and music choice.