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  1. TF GreatEscape

    HAHAHA... literally fucking crying! Funniest thing I've seen today. Thank you
  2. Do You Know Da Wae? (Backfire)

    Shoulda wasted those gronks....
  3. Shit Dec (FUNNY)

    Haha... I thought the same. Wasn' my finest hour, I don' think one hit him above the waist! When there is lead in the air, there's hope.
  4. Taking SunDragoness to Edessa bay

    I'm sure it would've been a more pleasant sound than the screeching that was recorded! Don't eat too many biscuits tho, especially the dusty ones. Hahah
  5. Mike Airlines

    Reckless flying, endangering life and the mission. May need to repair that gutter and fascia.
  6. DrWhiteBread - Random And Funny Moments #2

    Cheers for the lolz
  7. Fight for Right | Montage | M y l e Z

    Love it.
  8. Name Changes

    Jonesy to Jonesy.308 Cheers
  9. GeForce Experience overlay spooling continuously

    Do you mean un installed and installed again? Or, disable/enable on the overlay? Because Ive tried both. On the settings screen the icon spools for ever.... I'm trying to upload a imgur file but that wont friggin work either!
  10. Hi Just wondering if anyone else has had the problem I'm having with GE atm. I have downloaded it according to all specs and I have the right specs to run it. But when I click on the slide icon in the setting page (or home page, I cant remember) all it does it continuously spool over and nothing happens. I've tried googling it and there are a few vague suggestions but nothing has worked so far. I really need it to work as having replay is vital in TS as you all well know. Plus I'd love to be able to upload funny clips every so often. Thanks for reading, and if you know anything I can try then cheers that would be great.
  11. New White-listed Officers

    Could I please be added. Many thanks.
  12. Name Changes

    Elo Tennyson to Jonesy. Thanks
  13. Application Error

    Thanks dinkle. I tried that first tip through a YouTube clip I discovered and it worked. Thanks for your help. I'm back on the server! This thread can now be locked.
  14. Application Error

    I just did a router re boot and a windows update then logged in ok for about 5 mins, then it booted me again. I have no mission files in mpmission folder and I've tried going through the system memory allocater. everything looks OK.