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  1. Turri

    Salty Children - Exposed

    well said. stay with darkside boys
  2. Turri

    Turri's Kill Montage (Spray)

    would say ur right for the last 2 kills, first 5 i dont think so only because most were shooting at me or i took by surprise. either way its gg i did end up dieing anyways
  3. Hey Boys And Girls, This is my first ever arma 3 kill montage. ik i spray and prey sometimes. its because im autistic. anyways if ur gonna hate on this shit then fuck off because i legit dont care xD. Enjoy.
  4. yea we r trying new thing atm
  5. but thats the thing positioning doesnt matter because they just charge straight in and defuse and worry about rebels after...... kind of hard to land 5 shots on 2 different cops from the time they get out thier hunter and get to the bomb through the front door......
  6. so how do u counter a 1 shot taze???
  7. Recently tried to rob the bank.... had 6 guys vs 5 cops.... The bank is almost impossible to rob as the cops just storm the front door with their hunters and striders, clear the building and defuse the bomb without clearing the other 4 people around the bank.... Especially when the cops can continuously break NLR due the the ratio... we also managed to pick lock a hunter but the game would not let any of us to enter and leave after the bomb was defused.... dont you think cops should value their lives instead of charging in because they know they only have to land 1 shot... i think the cops should have to be certain the area is clear before defusing as its more fair to the rebels who already have a disadvantage as they have to hit a high ranking officer 4-6 times..... defusing after area is clear gives all the rebels the chance to defend not just sit in one room and get sprayed down.... because cops just charge in and its over.....
  8. every time i load into the server i just get a constant black screen and can see people connecting and disconnecting in the corner..... i have the go into AppData and delete mission file and that only works sometimes.. if that doesnt work i have to restart the computer around 6 times for in to load in.. not a computer issue as i loaded into 2other servers fine (1 with a worse ping)... idk whats going on could u help me out plz?