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  1. Name Changes

    DexS ---> BobCh Cheers
  2. Timmy Jimson Montage #4

  3. Christmas Donation Raffle!

    DexS Cheers :3
  4. Helpme's CH1 Jump

    When you've been gas and see a large black object flying straight at you and start spraying for your life Highlight of my day.
  5. New White-listed Officers

    I would like to be added as well Thanks ;{
  6. Name Changes

    Not-=-Bob (BobCh) to DexS Cheers ;{
  7. When RAG Fucks with CoSW

    Mmmm dont really like the sound of it cause both side would probably bring RPG, Neavids, Mar10 and etc which a waste of cash depending on what side but on the other hand one falls and the other stands. What would be better when a battle takes place is instead of raining salt everywhere, replace it with a hint of mint and heaps of spice to spice things up. I rather have my milk tea sweet not bitter on that day.