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  1. BobCh

    Spitfire 911

    F for respect
  2. BobCh

    VIP3R actualy tank confirmed

    All that smoking and drinking works for ya? @VIP3R
  3. BobCh

    KOH Hospital Robbery

    Tries to do the jump, fails next minute, RPG to the face...... Well fuck..
  4. BobCh

    Raging Child

    You sure that child wasnt @Nick bell
  5. BobCh

    i thought i got a tank :(

    @Rick- thats how you do it
  6. BobCh

    Josh vs Nick western duel

    @Nick bell you bloody suck ?
  7. BobCh

    Josh's time on Darkside Thus Far

    Past your blackfish here, let the pro handle this. ?
  8. BobCh

    What are they feeding rebels these days?

    Mainly salt......
  9. BobCh

    makes sense

    Just bad
  10. BobCh

    FU Need better pilots (:....

    Whos says that we have to shot with our pawnees? ? The bigger the heli, the better....
  11. BobCh


    Didnt think touching farm animals is enough @SAUND. I knew you would go start touching dead bodies as well.
  12. BobCh

    Avoiding a hostage mission

    Shhhhhhhhh don't tell them
  13. BobCh

    Tanoa missile research program

    Too much fucking vape
  14. BobCh

    Timmy Jimson Montage #4

  15. BobCh

    Helpme's CH1 Jump

    When you've been gas and see a large black object flying straight at you and start spraying for your life Highlight of my day.