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  1. BobCh

    Josh vs Nick western duel

    @Nick bell you bloody suck ?
  2. BobCh

    Josh's time on Darkside Thus Far

    Past your blackfish here, let the pro handle this. ?
  3. BobCh

    What are they feeding rebels these days?

    Mainly salt......
  4. BobCh

    makes sense

    Just bad
  5. BobCh

    FU Need better pilots (:....

    Whos says that we have to shot with our pawnees? ? The bigger the heli, the better....
  6. BobCh


    Didnt think touching farm animals is enough @SAUND. I knew you would go start touching dead bodies as well.
  7. BobCh

    Avoiding a hostage mission

    Shhhhhhhhh don't tell them
  8. BobCh

    Tanoa missile research program

    Too much fucking vape
  9. BobCh

    Timmy Jimson Montage #4

  10. BobCh

    Helpme's CH1 Jump

    When you've been gas and see a large black object flying straight at you and start spraying for your life Highlight of my day.
  11. BobCh

    When RAG Fucks with CoSW

    Mmmm dont really like the sound of it cause both side would probably bring RPG, Neavids, Mar10 and etc which a waste of cash depending on what side but on the other hand one falls and the other stands. What would be better when a battle takes place is instead of raining salt everywhere, replace it with a hint of mint and heaps of spice to spice things up. I rather have my milk tea sweet not bitter on that day.