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  1. How much are the tickets? and where can i purchase them for a gold class seat when this movie comes out.
  2. Who’s squeal was that through then beggining I lost my shit every time I heard that
  3. It’s pre good +1and a half
  4. CuckyRedge

    Montage III

    very nice montage, still cant get over you raping HA in the hallways of Fort knox
  5. 1:35 and people say 45's are shit lethals.
  6. I was the man that hopped out of the SUV with a pistol and a Fannie pack
  7. Still confused why the cop just stood there and looked at me while I was shooting him with a pistol
  8. Nice. and that kid at the end though
  9. Missing the semi-colon can fuck up everything so fast....
  10. 0:33 Coco Is that you?
  11. It confuses me how people shoot navies without the recoil launching in the air.
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