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  1. Montage III

    very nice montage, still cant get over you raping HA in the hallways of Fort knox
  2. Name Changes

    I think I’m going to stay with cuckyredge
  3. Name Changes

    From Dr. Molerat to CuckyRedge please. thanks!
  4. Change Log (4/3/18)

    Well now when I return I have a reason to finish the questline.
  5. Staff Additions 21/2/2018

    Yes @Pr0Magic your back.
  6. Owners (Salacious) Montage 2

    1:35 and people say 45's are shit lethals.
  7. How to get to chop shop

    I was the man that hopped out of the SUV with a pistol and a Fannie pack
  8. How to get to chop shop

    Still confused why the cop just stood there and looked at me while I was shooting him with a pistol
  9. Name Changes

    oh shit my bad didnt realise it has not been a month yet
  10. Name Changes

    Dr. molerate to Egder please
  11. Ukas' Darkside Montage

    Nice. and that kid at the end though
  12. Gus' Darkside Best Moments | #1

    Missing the semi-colon can fuck up everything so fast....
  13. Arma3 Monetization (Info and Ideas)

    Will invisible bags ever be added back in? Like by making it invisible through clan interaction?
  14. Fliqqs Funnies V

    0:33 Coco Is that you?
  15. Taking SunDragoness to Edessa bay

    It confuses me how people shoot navies without the recoil launching in the air.