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  1. I got banned

    you have been unbanned but you are on thin ice any more mistakes and you are gone.
  2. Pril Unban

    like i said the ban was years ago we have no records on it the only thing that we have is your ban message which says script kiddie if you got that on a ban then it stays.
  3. Pril Unban

    That ban was done years ago why wait this long we have nothing on it but script kiddie so you will not be unbanned for it.
  4. Ban Appeal

    Not a very smart thing to do you have been unbanned dont do anything like that again.
  5. Blake Baker - Permanant ban Appeal

  6. What u think

    I think you should make a 666 cake.
  7. ts3

    welcome to the darkside.
  8. AS3 Lenka Ban Appeal

    Denied put an app up in a month and ill think about it then.
  9. Admins ban this kid

    Dealt with.
  10. Unban Appeal

    You were told its denied why bother putting up another one Denied.
  11. Whitelist civ application

    Denied dont break any rules for a month and reapply.
  12. Rad - Whitelist App

    Denied it was recently removed you can re apply in a month if you dont break any rules.
  13. But you knew he was restrained somewhere and you were shooting grenades blindly.
  14. Because you have to be mindful of where your team mates are you wouldn't just shoot at them in real life kill them and rev them no you would be careful or where you are shooting and only get the cops, we have this in place because we used to have people just kill there mates on purpose to get them out of going to jail now there is a punishment in place for it.