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  1. Idk how to edit so eat my ass this was hard enough.
  2. Nolegs

    Can't join.

    Try direct connecting. ip: Port: 2302 @ZekeMaster
  3. Nolegs

    Solid First Day on Tanoa

    haha classic.
  4. Nolegs

    Nightstalker scope bug?

    yer what this guy said, If its going into your backpack its either not having the thermal battery or that just happens when you switch.
  5. Nolegs

    Oh yeah nah cuz

    3KM Shots i would like to see that.
  6. Nolegs

    RDM Or wrongfully killed

    Dealt with
  7. Nolegs


    All sorted.
  8. Nolegs

    Old School Videos

  9. Nolegs

    Whitegangs quality kos cap

    Hahahaha thats gold.
  10. There wasnt even an impound because he smashed his space key after he had been spike striped and crashed into a tree and blew up.
  11. Nolegs

    Need TS

    done welcome to the darkside.
  12. Nolegs

    Disconect after restrain

    Dealt with thanks mate.
  13. Nolegs


    welcome to the darkside.
  14. Nolegs

    Admins ban this kid

    Dealt with.
  15. Nolegs

    Can buy more then 40 vehicule but i have 30

    also if you have gotten vehicles from the auctions they can go over your limit so you might have brought 3 3packs of humingbirds and that could put you at 49 vehicles so count through all your vehicles and sell as many as you need to get it below 40.