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  1. Oh yeah nah cuz

    3KM Shots i would like to see that.
  2. TS3

    All sorted.
  3. Old School Videos

  4. Whitegangs quality kos cap

    Hahahaha thats gold.
  5. Need TS

    done welcome to the darkside.
  6. ts3

    welcome to the darkside.
  7. Admins ban this kid

    Dealt with.
  8. ZrMz_x's Giveaway #1

  9. Can buy more then 40 vehicule but i have 30

    also if you have gotten vehicles from the auctions they can go over your limit so you might have brought 3 3packs of humingbirds and that could put you at 49 vehicles so count through all your vehicles and sell as many as you need to get it below 40.
  10. Air Taxi Mission bugged?

    they were working fine for me last night had no issue did a whole level with no problems.
  11. man shoots another man from 2700m away

    Just be the bigger man and say nothing back.
  12. man shoots another man from 2700m away

    really guys can we just have one peaceful thred, i think we are gonna have to go back to removing 20% of bank balances you dont respond to anything else.
  13. Removing Apex Assets

    all of the apex guns are worth it
  14. Darkside Clan War (Final Information)

    we wernt on our 9th an no i dont think anyone finished the rock one everyone was bottle necked on it
  15. Who Nuked La Rochelle

    hahhaha your reaction