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  1. Farewell :)

    Later nerds.
  2. Suq Maddiq Ban Request

    Next time dont spam and you will be able to play on the server.
  3. Old School Videos

  4. Whitegangs quality kos cap

    Hahahaha thats gold.
  5. noahe ban appeal

  6. Preacher Donation

    If you would like some ts channels just go into waiting room and someone will make them for you.
  7. Appeal lol

    Who are you?
  8. My ban appeal

    Denied hasnt been a week from the last post.
  9. Ban appeal

    Give it a week then post on here and ill unban you.
  10. Boy Booji- White listing

    Denied go a month without breaking some rules then put up another app.
  11. September Clan Base Updates

    Didnt you guys disband?
  12. alan-gaming bann perma

    Denied you have 15 bad notes that have accumulated over the last month and a half, You have admitted to staff that you dont care about the rules and your account proves that why should we keep some little brat around that is constantly causing us issues.
  13. Mason B Grossman unban appeal

    No point bumping it, its not going to happen.
  14. Need TS

    done welcome to the darkside.
  15. Ban appeal

    The moderator that dealt with you was dealing with a lot of issues that night and i have dealt with you before your temper cant be an excuse to abuse the staff of Darkside as it stands you either dont care about the rules or you dont know them, Your ban would have just been a temp ban but you didn't like that the moderator had temp banned you obviously and you were pissed off at that i saw the video it was plain and simple you broke a rule not the moderator, There was no reason for you to be acting the way you did from what i was told he told you something and then you didnt like that and you cracked that shits at it. This will not be tolerated in any way shape or form our staff take up their own time to help out on the server and they do not need to sit there and be abused it will not stand ban appeal denied.