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  1. Nolegs

    Benny's Flex

    "I headshot him bro"
  2. Nolegs

    Josh's Time on Darkside Vol 3

    i have bionic legs fuck tard
  3. Nolegs

    Josh's Time on Darkside Vol 3

    I couldnt see shit from where i was running when i saw him he was pretty much at my feet
  4. Nolegs

    Josh's Time on Darkside Vol 3

    Haha me knocking him out made no difference to the body clean up @Ghost Recon @Lynxaa
  5. Nolegs

    Un Blacklist appeal for Whitelist Civillian

    Wasn't quite what happened you actually logged onto cop to put money into the police bank so your mates could do a fort and get a quest done. That was a long time ago so im willing to unblacklist you but you will be on a short leash and any fucking around or rule breaking will get you re blacklisted.
  6. Nolegs

    The Ninja Strikes again

    Lol you should knock them out next time you will have much better luck.
  7. Nolegs


    he has 0HP
  8. Nolegs

    Lynx is cooked

    You moved your reticle up before you shot.
  9. Nolegs

    The cops picked the wrong people to trail

    Haha gg good to see your having fun.
  10. Nolegs

    Montage IV

    Nice no recoil hacks buddy.
  11. Idk how to edit so eat my ass this was hard enough.
  12. Nolegs

    Can't join.

    Try direct connecting. ip: Port: 2302 @ZekeMaster
  13. Nolegs

    Solid First Day on Tanoa

    haha classic.
  14. Nolegs

    Nightstalker scope bug?

    yer what this guy said, If its going into your backpack its either not having the thermal battery or that just happens when you switch.
  15. Nolegs

    Oh yeah nah cuz

    3KM Shots i would like to see that.