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  1. DustyOG - Whitelist Civ App

    +1 good roleplayer. knows rules and would be a good addition to the white-listed civilians.
  2. I think a cool little feature to add is make the offroad mechanic able to tow quad bikes on the back. And maybe add a quadbike mechanic vehicle so we can put the quadbike on the back of the offroad to carry it around for a second back up vehicle.
  3. Ok, I have been whitelisted for medic. people told me I can use mechanic aswell. When i try to go mechanic it says im not white-listed for it. Any help?
  4. Meme Page

    Your right😜
  5. Meme Page

  6. Meme Page

  7. Meme Page

  8. Show us ya rig!

    brooo, nice setup man. I have the same monitor on the right.
  9. How do i add attachments

    cheers mate, greatly appreciated!
  10. thank you Dab, im not planning to go inactive anytime soon, but just trying to know for the future,