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  1. When LSD does CP3

    Omg i love this You sir is amazing <3
  2. Vatts whitelist

    +1 Amazing person, funny, and love his roleplay, and follows rules, I really wish to see Vatt as a Whitelisted Civilian.
  3. F.S Recruitment

    In Game Username: Travis Abdullah Hours on Darkside: 210 + Hours on Arma 3: 230+ Age: 13 ( Mature ) Why do you want to be in F.S: Love to be in a gang because of the teamwork, coms, and lots of fun. What can you bring to F.S: I can bring good sniping skills using the Lynx, and good close range skills using any rifle from Katiba to Mk200 to AKM. Have you ever been banned from the server or have known notes: Once, For abusing help chat. But please do not let that discourage you I was new at that time and I didn't know what was going on. Do you fully understand all Darkside and Gang rules: Yes I do.
  4. The Family is recruiting

    Mate, i got vacation for like 1 and a half month also with school i play like 10 hours a day. And i abused Help Chat once not because i said bad stuff to admins or said bad stuff for the server.
  5. Martial Law

    This is fucking gold mate, I laughed my arse off at this, Amazing!
  6. Sorry for the late Response, But you will have to add Mechanic to your name, For example. Add Mechanic | Ellery, Or [Mechanic] Ellery, Hopefully it helped you
  7. The Family is recruiting

    In-Game Name: Travis Abdullah Age: 13 (Mature) Darkside Hours: 204 Why do you want to join the Family: I would love to join to meet some new faces and play with them, I haven't been in a real active gang because some people on the server hate me and try to get me kicked. Even though i have not gotten banned for anything serious all that i did and get banned for was Abusing Help Chat once. I'm a very kind and generous guy. I love to give away money to people who need them and to help out other gang members. Have you read and understand the Gang & Server Rules?: Yes i did. Have you ever watched The Godfather: Unfortuantley nope. How active will you be? Extremely Active, 7 days a week and online for about 19 hours a day. How many hours on Arma III do you have? 260 Will you participate in operations (e.g. Fort Knox, Bank, hospitals, etc)? Would love to!
  8. +1 Very nice guy I had some good interactions with him. He's amazing at role play and deserves to be whitelisted.
  9. Ghasttear1 - Whitelist Civ App

    +1 had some interactions with him and his role play seemed good and he follows rules.
  10. Ghasttear1 - Whitelist Civ App

    All good man but you got to calm down on the bumping, just give it a bit off time mate.
  11. LSD is Open for Recruitment!

    How old are you? 13 ( Mature ) How many hours played on Arma 3? 200 How long have you been on The Darkside? 160 hours + Are you financially stable? If not do you require financial benefits to get your investments? (in game) Yes, I can make my own money if needed, right now I have gotten 7 M, and I'll do my best to help other gang members with it. If you require financial support from the gang are you willing to work to become economically independent from the gang? Yes, I would love to do runs with them or atleast pay them so they can use them to gain more.
  12. Rzqt - Civ Whitelist app

    +1 Had an interaction with him last week as I am the hostage, I enjoyed it so much. Rzqt is amazing at role play and doubt he follows all rules. >I recommend RZQT to be Whitelisted<
  13. Korean space program

    Oh my god, Regular Arma ahaha
  14. Bart - Civ Whitelist Application

    +1 Amazing Roleplayer and follows rules! >>>> I recommend Bart to be a WL Civ<<<
  15. How to make quick and easy money ( NEW PLAYERS )

    Amazing Guide! I'm sure it'll help new people around here! Thanks for your time.