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  1. Prison Rap

  2. How to use NOS

    Fuckin' Gold Banter! Haha
  3. Another 2 man research.......

    Buddy, stop crying please. It's just a video.
  4. Fumuku International. [RECRUITMENT | OPEN]

    Good luck ! I love this RP!
  5. The Scammer From Bangladesh

    My fellow Indian!
  6. Whitelist Civilian Promotions (03/10/17)

    Congrats to everyone! Good work Cucky
  7. Shitty minitage haha

    Amazing shots I would love to see more !
  8. When RAG Fucks with CoSW

    Let me say this out, You had 1 Navid, 2 Zafirs, 1 Mar 10, And i do not know what the last one was. And it was a 5v1. As i said, Killing 4 of you with a 5.56 is enough
  9. Russia's Alpha Group Clan base App

    -1 Camps & Decks on people at Rebel South, North. Wouldn't like to see some trolls getting a clan base.
  10. Quick Hospital Holdoff

    Good thing i wasn't in the video, Thanks for editing that out lol!
  11. Whitelist civ app

    +1 Derpy Singo is a very friendly and has an amazing understand of role-play and the rules. I would love to see him as a WL Civ
  12. CoSW is Open for Recruitment - May 2017

    +1 from me Guardian is a cool guy!
  13. CosW and FU clan base battle

    OMG! HAHAHAA, I was so fucking mad after that. I was so excited to try and snipe you guys out and then I fucking killed myself. Lol