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  1. Hardy

    Another Shit Montage

  2. Hardy

    DrWhiteBread - Kill Montage #3

    Oof awesome vid dude got some sweet as kills and good music
  3. Hardy


    haha was waiting for your comment. i know it was a joke
  4. Hardy

    Another Shit Montage

    Shit alright
  5. Hardy

    Mike's Adventures Episode 3

    So much Confusion and Ear rape
  6. Hardy

    Steeze Darkside Montage #2

    You near crashed his internet with that Lag switch of yours
  7. Hardy

    Hyena boi

    Rip... @Fliqqs really wanted to at least get a chance to shoot lol
  8. Hardy

    Montage2 just a quick one

    was playing dead lol so i just poked him with my ammo just to make sure
  9. Hardy

    Montage2 just a quick one

    Needed to clear my Vid space. so i just threw some clips together.
  10. Hardy


    You owe me back 8 seconds of my life
  11. Do you even NBN bro?
  12. Nice Montage M8
  13. Hardy

    when u and the cops are lost

    Hahahahaa I love this, Was all for mike