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  1. Hardy

    A few flips.

    11/9 Landing!
  2. Hardy

    All i can say is, This is Hardy.

    I don't know who this is, but someone needs to let him know not to use my name.
  3. Hardy

    Wolfy just got a new Blackfoot

    I’m hereby handing in my resignation
  4. Hardy

    Wolfy just got a new Blackfoot

    Hehehe mate I always try to fight a pickle with a pickle. If u bring a Pawnee I’ll bring a pawnee, if you bring 4 Pawnees ill try get up 4 other pawnees. But if ya bring a Blackfoot, well hehehe the fun begins.
  5. Hardy

    Wolfy just got a new Blackfoot

    Just a bit of banter bud, sorry that your caught up in 2018 offended world. Hahaha yessss was a bunch of fun, let’s do it again sometime so we can win again good fun man.
  6. Hardy

    Wolfy just got a new Blackfoot

    Hehehe hell yeah the HardKes Kajman squad nice flying pilot. I Still feels bad Wolfy.
  7. Hardy


    Can I put the lipstick on him next time?
  8. Hardy

    Bar gate key

    Hey sazzas, so if you press 0 the bar gate does not open? 0 is the default key.
  9. Hardy

    Progressive Development

    Drone idea is awesome and would work really well, with some buffs. Everything else seems a lil op ahaha can see a serious issue in the future with the pawnee haha
  10. Hardy

    Versa's Darkside Montage #4

    Hahaha have you got eyes @Somethingawesome0 2.15 Good montage.
  11. Hardy

    mems vol 1

    Salami rage *Smashes Headset* hahahaha
  12. Hardy

    This is a bit how ya goin

    Honestly Nese this is just Arma for you.. it happens a lot. Even civs sometimes take mass amounts of damage before dying. So no the cop armour isn’t OP if that’s where this is going. Here is a perfect example of a cop eating a lynx to the head. Here’s a vid of a Constable taking multiple mar-10 shots It may come down to lag, or even desync
  13. Hardy

    When cops show you how it is done

    Arma at its finest hahaha why move him? That would have been toooooo easy, moves the hunter back a bit tho
  14. Hardy

    HEMTT new tank meta?

    To answer your question, yes he did both. He tried to VDM you to try and break your truck so you couldn't go anywhere. Then he was just gonna kill you with No dec by the looks of it. RDM. Wish you had of got tags, these kinds of people need to get the rules slapped across their faces.