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  1. Hardy


    @n a t h a n lol nah it’s the end of a zip-tie, i dunno why
  2. Hardy

    Countering Police Push on CPs

    I love to destroy my own vehicles blocking entrances
  3. Hardy


    Ahhh Whoopsies happen sometimes.. When your on the tower that gets packed away -_- Cop Squad - Always looking after each other - No Pig left behind!
  4. Hardy

    mk200 sux

    Should add this Mini Navid for cops
  5. Hardy

    When things just get weird

    "Quality" Is that Headset held together with tape
  6. for those of you that missed this! haha @Slaymord
  7. Hardy

    Best AMP Kills.

    I am upset. All this time on Altis i haven't shown up on Kill montages, But i have on this one. Here is my badge and my gun.
  8. I dislike this... Ever since this post, i get shot out of my armoured hunter all the time! This post is OP. (I don't know what i said, i just wanted to show off my signature)
  9. Hardy

    58 IEDS

    Oh so this is why you wanted me to come to Zaros.
  10. Hardy

    Want A Balloon

    Hahaha nah not me mate, its just @Papi Recruiting CoSW members again.. I know its scary, but you get used to it im kidding papi
  11. Hardy


    I love NZ was just taking the piss out of it.
  12. Hardy


    This map is extremely well made, pretty interesting. I had no idea it existed, but sharing for all you guys to have a suss. Luckily no one has made a New Zealand map. To the best of my knowledge, the map is still being updated.
  13. Hardy

    Going to the beach Ft. 666

    I expect there to be skinny dipping if yall come to my beach house
  14. Hardy


    That’s arma for you maaaan, sometimes people just don’t die. Here is a vid of specials Brain eating a 12.7 like it’s nothing. here is a vid of me shooting a little Constable multiple times with a Mar-10. You’re not the only one. Dw you didn’t come across some alternative being from another world in the galaxy.
  15. Hardy

    My Favourite Darkside Moments

    I just lost the only brain cell i had left