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  1. Hardy

    Here comes the Money

    Fark i was more proud of the gold diggers rolling in so fast. Was almost instant.
  2. Hardy

    Please helppp!!!!

    Stay off the dark web yetii, unless you have the proper protection nasty hackers erry where.
  3. Hardy

    Grants Kills & Bullfrickery #1 UPDATED

    Jesus give some reference lol before i get smacked
  4. Hardy

    Grants Kills & Bullfrickery #1 UPDATED

    2:55 "Now for some Not-So-Funny Moments" was true as Fk.
  5. Hardy

    Policing at it's finest

    @Nuper Thanks for the video, we have a Helpdesk for a reason on the TeamSpeak. If you have issues like this in the future Please feel free to take your evidence there. Rather than Publicly shaming these officers. Yes, it was Piss Poor RP and a case of VDM in some degree. Will be dealing with these officers accordingly. but in future, like i said - Please bring these Videos to Helpdesk. I would like to ask, if you had already reported this to someone why post this video here, because it isn't warranted.
  6. Hardy

    Josh's time on Darkside Vol 2

    Ahh jeeze nice one
  7. Hardy

    Raging Child

    Who are you?
  8. Hardy

    Raging Child

    I know, its a shame. that some people love to ruin nice things. Negativity only makes you strive forward, even tho it hurts.
  9. Hardy

    Raging Child

    You find me at rebel, you die. You respawn, gear up. I go to athira, i go to license store. Out of nowhere, Mike comes to athira, license shop. Decs on hardy. Seems pretty coincidental wouldn't you say? Not too mention, you were in the TS channel with people who were currently watching the stream. Anyway, my point is, you are commenting here that i did nothing to help you with your RDM. When i can't deal with it since i was involved within that situation. So don't come on here trying to make me look bad, when actually i wasn't doing anything wrong. I DO NOT want this thread locked, lets leave it at this. Thanks.
  10. Hardy

    Raging Child

    @Mike I just re-watched my VOD. My bad dude, in my defence it was kinda rough to hear your mic was a little un-audible coz you were shouting in it whilst it was so close to your mouth. I barley could understand you saying hardy with the first 2 times. I can't deal with my own helpdesk issues anyway, so there was no point in trying to get me to resolve it. Plus i was about 5 beers down at this stage. If you want comp for that sitch, then i will upload my VOD and i would call it RDM. And yes i was laughing at it. i was laughing at the fact all i seen was you shouting hands up and getting shot dead silent straight away. TBH yelling hands up or die at any Rebel Outpost with armed people all around (You are warranted to be shot if no one can hear WHO you were declaring on). All some people hear is HANDS UP - HANDS UP - And armed dudes are pointing weapons left right and centre because they feel threatened. My advice, is simply dont dec on people at outposts. Maybe ya shouldn't stream Snipe Finding my location twice in the same 10 minutes. Most cheeky one was when i was streaming me getting a car license at Athira, all of a sudden mike come outa nowhere screaming hands up hardy whilst i was answering a license question. Ghee wonder how you knew i was there hmm. (This after him dying at rebel BTW)
  11. Hardy

    Raging Child

    woah woah woahh, hold up. lets watch that VOD shell we @Mike You were yelling hands up HANDS UP At rebel just as you said my name someone shot you, seemed ok to me.. Because before you said my name everyone there had well enough time to shoot you. and i did reply to you, with those words.
  12. Hardy

    Raging Child

    So ah yeah, @DeeJai @Fliqqs this was also a report for VDM x2
  13. Hardy

    Raging Child

    @Papi surprised your not out searching for him to recruit
  14. Hardy

    Raging Child

    Beat the Pig.. Also he said that. not me. I am over the age of 18, so that would be illegal