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  1. Server Hours Question?

    10 hours is the minimum amount you need to become white listed but i dont think that should be an issue for you hope to see you soon (im hoping to see myself back in action soon too)
  2. http://thedarksidegames.invisionzone.com/topic/6722-the-family/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-35200
  3. Seth Shadows Whitelist Civ App

    + 1 Seth is a pretty good role player and i think he would suit the role of a White-listed civ.
  4. Russia's Alpha Group Clan base App

    +1 i would like to see RAG have a clan base as they have been very active doing many ops from what i see and most of them are alright guys
  5. F.S Recruitment

    Rip F.S
  6. Wipe Cop Statistics

    got 10 kills in the past few days when the new darkside wasteland server came up
  7. Wipe Cop Statistics

    ah alirght mainly because ive been smashing out as much cop as i can last few days
  8. Wipe Cop Statistics

    so does it not count the past few days like friday to monday?
  9. Down Time

    i thought i heard a marshall outside turned out to be TNR
  10. Darkside DB Wipe DEV TESTING

    i dont think we will be starting with 20k only
  11. Darkside DB Wipe DEV TESTING

    for some reason everyone is starting with 20k not 200k, Typo?
  12. Change Log (19th September - DB Wipe)

    Cant wait to see all these new features, vans and etc.
  13. Database Wipe (September 2017)

    same i was pretty close to it but oh well