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  1. Nuron

    Youtuber Banana Duck played on Darkside

    I already posted this when the video came out
  2. wouldnt be to good against cops with their bodyarmor
  3. Didnt know a vermin could fuck someone up so bad
  4. Nuron

    WET FART Whilst playing

    loud ass fucking keyboard
  5. this guy does nothing but troll ive seen a few of his older videos he does it in pretty much every game
  6. Nuron

    Famous YouTube in the server

    lol from rust to arma
  7. Nuron

    Those Who Stand | The Darkside Life | Trailer

    loved the video especially the tf clip, great work!
  8. Nuron

    Flying CCU & Blowing up APMC's Run

    thank god mongoose didnt get a blackfoot
  9. Have had a similar issue happen to me but it was the mission failed screen, and due to that i lost some progress in quests and a bit of money.
  10. Nuron

    Martial Law

    Fucking Hilarious
  11. Nuron

    A Darkside Moments

    owner is a pretty good shot, better than me