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  1. Server Menu Problems

    1920x1080 master race
  2. can i please have ts permission for help desk

    What's your teamspeak name currently?
  3. Clan tags

    No it doesn't matter how they are just that you can clearly tell it's RAG.
  4. Clan tags

    There has been an update that you must have your actual clan tag in your name to receive access to the base we would like to just clear a few misunderstandings about it all. If you are playing with your clan, put your clan tags on to receive access to your base. If you are playing with other friends, not in the same clan, take your tags off to prevent any misunderstandings. You can play without tags without being kicked from the server however you will not receive access to your clan base as it is for clan activities.
  5. Older Gamers

    old man syndrome
  6. Wota Pierre Unban Appeal

    Denied, don't bother trying to post another appeal.

    All sorted
  8. Wipe Cop Statistics

    Glad @Huntah was able to pull through against the others and take the title of best chief of police!! well done buddy!! someone is in for a double promo next month
  9. Ban Appeal

    If you are camping rebel outposts, whether or not you are getting declared on by TNR and we hear complaints about you by other members that you are in fact camping rebel outposts - which multiple staff told you over a 3 day period NOT to do you will be banned for negative gameplay. As I said to you yesterday, you go there to gear up and go do something else yet we had to deal with issues about you multiple times a night and then after spectating you multiple times you were still there. There's a lot the server can offer in terms of activities. Your ban appeal is denied.
  10. Seth Shadow's Ban Dispute

    When they jumped in the vehicles it was your time and place to kill them as they were trying to flee, however because you didn't - you waited and were all talking around near those crates of tiles there after spectating you for a good minute or two you then decide to kill them which wasn't ok. I will be talking to the sR members there about hiding behind the unarmed civ rule as well. Your ban will be lifted.