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  1. LSD is Open for Recruitment!

    Please come into the Teamspeak channel and we will have a chat to you.
  2. July clan war base locations

    LSD Clan Base Preferences: Preference 1 - Base 2 Preference 2 - Base 3 Preference 3 - Base 1
  3. LSD is Open for Recruitment!

    Lost Society of Darkside Recruitment I have decided to change up the recruitment thread a bit and this new one will be followed. LSD will still remain a gang dedicated to a more casual play style and it will still remain a gang open to people with little experience but the requirements will be bumped up now. This gang is changing to be a less cancerous gang and so it means that there will be no ear rape played in any channels and there will be no screaming from any members. Other than this as LSD is now, it won't be very active and does play other games like Battlegrounds and so on. If you do apply we do require some patience as we are trying to build up our members. The Following are required to join LSD: - Knowledge of the rules and gang rules. - No less than 20 Hours on Darkside. - Friendly towards others and staff at all times. - At least 15 years old. If you would like to join, please fill out this application and comment below or join our Teamspeak channel and talk to either Mitchell or myself and do not be scared to send a message. In-game Name: Link to your steam profile: How old are you? How many hours played on Arma 3? How many hours do you have on The Darkside? Do you have any bans or major notes on the server? Once we have accepted your application, jump on the Darkside Teamspeak and we will be able to get you sorted. Sincerely LSD | Adrian Other Than That RECRUITMENT IS OPEN
  4. Darkside Clan War (July - 2017) Results

    Congrats TFO on winning the event. Too bad LSD couldn't participate this time.
  5. ZrMz_x's Giveaway #2

    Congrats everyone that won.
  6. Help Desk Results - July 2017

  7. July Clan Base Updates

    LSD Clan Base Adding FinnS - 76561198073194230 GodsBurnt - 76561198064440916 Thin Privilege - 76561198062834332 Dayrl - 76561198135801504 Removing DrWhitebread 76561198201788227 (unsure whether he has been removed or not)
  8. ZrMz_x's Giveaway #2

    why not
  9. Giveaway Time?

    Sakura Dungeon
  10. LSD is Open for Recruitment!

    Accepted, Hop into the recruitment channel on teamspeak and I will get you sorted
  11. LSD is Open for Recruitment!

    DENIED, We are currently looking for people over 15. You are able to apply again in one month and we will reconsider your application.
  12. LSD is Open for Recruitment!

    Approved, come into the recruitment channel whenever you can and we will get you sorted