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  1. bacon manbro

    how many cops does it take

    and this is what happens when you try to get a ticket for a quest but another rebel has plans for you
  2. bacon manbro

    mini assasination event

    Calm down mate..... this isn't world war 2.... it aint hitler's era
  3. bacon manbro

    What are they feeding rebels these days?

    lol, feels bad when u switch to lethals and then get 4 head shots before being killed, it happens to everyone.... #armathings
  4. bacon manbro

    Want A Balloon

    would have been top notch if it was the cargo van instead...
  5. bacon manbro

    Constable Takes 6 .338?? WHAT IS HE EATING!

    should have seen dylans response for that one, i was in a huey and was lauging my ass off
  6. bacon manbro

    TF GreatEscape

    im pretty sure that plane had mike airline software or that the pilot was a terrorist
  7. bacon manbro

    Security Stunts

    is it a bird? is it mike airlines? no its a sec trying to get home!
  8. bacon manbro

    This Is How A Cadet Decs

    People in cp: is it a bird? is it fliqqs in his drug hunting plane? no its a constable in a hatchback cops: nooooo i hot the nos over the hill welp turn my sirens on if i fall in the middle of it i can shoot
  9. bacon manbro

    The Average CP 1 Pub Cop

    i was there and told him it was security he still didnt listen lol
  10. bacon manbro

    teamspeak perms

    username: bacon_manbro