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  1. bacon manbro

    What are they feeding rebels these days?

    lol, feels bad when u switch to lethals and then get 4 head shots before being killed, it happens to everyone.... #armathings
  2. bacon manbro

    Want A Balloon

    would have been top notch if it was the cargo van instead...
  3. bacon manbro

    Constable Takes 6 .338?? WHAT IS HE EATING!

    should have seen dylans response for that one, i was in a huey and was lauging my ass off
  4. bacon manbro

    TF GreatEscape

    im pretty sure that plane had mike airline software or that the pilot was a terrorist
  5. bacon manbro

    Security Stunts

    is it a bird? is it mike airlines? no its a sec trying to get home!
  6. bacon manbro

    This Is How A Cadet Decs

    People in cp: is it a bird? is it fliqqs in his drug hunting plane? no its a constable in a hatchback cops: nooooo i hot the nos over the hill welp turn my sirens on if i fall in the middle of it i can shoot
  7. bacon manbro

    The Average CP 1 Pub Cop

    i was there and told him it was security he still didnt listen lol
  8. bacon manbro

    teamspeak perms

    username: bacon_manbro