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  1. Database Wipe (September 2017)

    is the server resetting rn? been off for a while..
  2. Salami - Darkside Montage #6

    nice vid, whats that sight/optic at 0:12?
  3. Yet another famous youtuber on the darkside

    As far as I'm concerned, he's just a pommy wanker, who runs around trolling kav and wasting officers' time on stupid things, instead of dealing with proper crimes and RP events. Don't promote these kids, we don't want them here. EDIT: Every time these things pop up and they say "famous", I didnt realise 33k was exactly massive?
  4. Remembrance for Harambae

    >dead meme >not funny
  5. Ruining the fun time F.S was having

    Four shots to the body and 100% health? interesting well played regardless.
  6. Nudging a vehicle sends me flying...

    fair point. Do you think medics in the future could get a proper "pull out of vehicle feature"? I should have probably put that in the suggestions forum instead.
  7. While playing as a medic last night, I couldn't get an officer out of a vehicle to revive him, no matter what I tried (Flipping vehicle just made it the same, couldnt pull out etc.) As a last resort, I tried nudging the vehicle over with an abandoned SUV found nearby. It did not end well.. Is there any way to remove someone from a vehicle that has been flipped over, to revive them? Thanks, HunterJup.