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  1. HunterJup

    Nitro not allowed when being chased and damaged?

    Thanks for the response Bartender, appreciate the effort, and will do next time. on another note, the chase had been going for under a minute.
  2. After robbing a gas station while doing a truck mission for the civillian questline, I was followed and declared/sirened by a police helicopter, which I continued to flee from. He had clearly communicated with his fellow officer to put down spike strips near me, and I got caught in them shortly after. I was damaged, but still driving, and decided to use NOS to outrun the police, and ended up losing control, after I had been speeding away for at least 250m down the higway. I crashed into a tree and died unpurposefully, and was sent to jail for 30 minutes, for "glitching", supposedly. Is it not allowed for someone to try and escape the police, provided their attempt is valid? I had been going straight down the middle of the road until I swerved on a bend... I believe this does not break any rules, as someone would try and avoid going to jail for thirty years, for a wanted value of four stars... Could there please be some clarification on this, as I could not find so on the rules after thorough searching, apart from the glitching or purposefully dying to get out of arrest/restraint. Thank you, HunterJup
  3. HunterJup

    Salami - Darkside Montage #6

    nice vid, whats that sight/optic at 0:12?
  4. HunterJup

    Yet another famous youtuber on the darkside

    As far as I'm concerned, he's just a pommy wanker, who runs around trolling kav and wasting officers' time on stupid things, instead of dealing with proper crimes and RP events. Don't promote these kids, we don't want them here. EDIT: Every time these things pop up and they say "famous", I didnt realise 33k was exactly massive?
  5. HunterJup

    Remembrance for Harambae

    >dead meme >not funny
  6. HunterJup

    Ruining the fun time F.S was having

    Four shots to the body and 100% health? interesting well played regardless.
  7. HunterJup

    Nudging a vehicle sends me flying...

    fair point. Do you think medics in the future could get a proper "pull out of vehicle feature"? I should have probably put that in the suggestions forum instead.
  8. While playing as a medic last night, I couldn't get an officer out of a vehicle to revive him, no matter what I tried (Flipping vehicle just made it the same, couldnt pull out etc.) As a last resort, I tried nudging the vehicle over with an abandoned SUV found nearby. It did not end well.. Is there any way to remove someone from a vehicle that has been flipped over, to revive them? Thanks, HunterJup.