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  1. Database Wipe (September 2017)

    is the server resetting rn? been off for a while..
  2. Was thinking recently with the DLC out... Could we have a feature where killed players could be loaded into the new medical truck, and taken to the hospital, for a slightly greater revive fee? This would also allow combat medics to not interfere with situations, by taking the revived player away, and they could act as a "re-inforcement" or have a timer, before going back in, like other games, to situations. It would be great to roleplay it as a proper ambulance too.
  3. SkyTeam is now Hiring!

    Perhaps you guys could get a business base at an airfield? Looks fantastic, can't wait to see you guys working in game.
  4. WL Civ Promotion - - 01-08-17

    everyone is impatient by default...its our nature. We're excited to play and be involved with the server
  5. WL Civ Promotion - - 01-08-17

    Awaiting the next one
  6. Salami - Darkside Montage #6

    nice vid, whats that sight/optic at 0:12?
  7. Mayweather VS Connor McGregor

    Didn't care all too much, but wanted the irishman to win, being the underdog and fairytale story and all that... even though mayweather was ridiculously short and going to win hahaha
  8. Yet another famous youtuber on the darkside

    As far as I'm concerned, he's just a pommy wanker, who runs around trolling kav and wasting officers' time on stupid things, instead of dealing with proper crimes and RP events. Don't promote these kids, we don't want them here. EDIT: Every time these things pop up and they say "famous", I didnt realise 33k was exactly massive?
  9. DustyOG - Whitelist Civ App

    +1 great bloke
  10. Remembrance for Harambae

    >dead meme >not funny
  11. Ruining the fun time F.S was having

    Four shots to the body and 100% health? interesting well played regardless.
  12. Server wipe? [Poll] and questions..

    Heard wrong about the wipe date, but thanks for telling me. Looking forward to positive discussion
  13. Personally seeing as the current database has been going for a relatively long time now, that nearly all gangs are running around all the time with armed helicopters and APC's/Armoured vehicles, Does anyone else see it appropriate to have a server wipe, soon? On the map page, we can see that it states that server wipes happen twice a year, or approximately 6 months at a time, and we are overdue for this. When the server does reset, will all whitelisted civ. quests and ranks be kept? (security, medic, mechanic etc.) Please comment all you can to offer, and any insights. Thanks, Hunter.
  14. Rzqt - Civ Whitelist app

    I've been playing with Rzqt for weeks now on the server, and it's clear to myself and rest of the people that he plays with, that he is more than capable, and mature enough to go beyond and higher than just the normal mob. As my white-listed civilian process was very slow, I can offer my comment here to be seen later hopefully by a recruiter, in a short time. When I first came into server and playing with him, I thought he was at least 20, let alone 17, and not just from his adult sounding voice, but greater level of maturity shown by him, compared to the rest at his age. Rzqt is also a common sight in the TS channels, where you'll most likely see him every time you log in in the evening after work or school. From his nearly 300 hours, It is clearly evident he is ready for the next step now, as he would have been ready months ago. I look forward to seeing him in the medic/mechanic force alongside myself in the very near future. +1.
  15. F.S Recruitment

    Prior to speaking/dealing with you today, and in the past, thought I would apply... Application Form: In Game Username: HunterJup Hours on Darkside: 66. Only just back into altis life after a break of about two years. Hours on Arma 3: 387 Age: 17 Why do you want to be in F.S: Initially started playing with a mate on Darkside, who is no occupied with year 12 study. Playing alone, I came across many of you on numerous occasions, admiring your laid back attitude, and general maturity amongst your group. Getting to know you all properly, and playing with like minded people will make the time spent on the server far more enjoyable, not just for me I trust. What can you bring to F.S: Always a presence each night during the week, and someone you'll learn to enjoy talking, and playing with. Planning raids/operations to a high level of teamwork and satisfaction is a huge aspiration I have for this group. As my hours rise on the Darkside, "F.S. | HunterJup" will become a well known name across the server, and all I can do for you boys is good times, great operations together, and the shittest jokes you'll hear ever. Have you ever been banned from the server or have known notes: No. Do you fully understand all Darkside and Gang rules: Thoroughly. Hope to hear back, and talk again soon. HunterJup