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  1. Tysons 10$ Donation

    In-Game name Tyson Steam - 64 76561198131938516 1x Bronze
  2. Tysons 10$ Donation

    Ive donated 10$ so i can get a slot lol
  3. The Night Riders Official Recruitment Thread

    In-Game Name: Tyson Age: 14 Hours on Darkside/Arma: Darkside-65 Arma 3-1631 Do you have a mic:Yes Have you ever been banned: No never Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198131938516/ Favorite Weapon: Happy with anything Quest line goals: GCU/CCU Why do you want to join TNR? They seem like a bunch of lads who get the job done, and know some people, Also looking for a good gang to play with.
  4. The Family is recuriting for a short time only

    Sorry forgot the rule part
  5. The Family is recuriting for a short time only

    In-Game Name:Tyson Age: 14 Darkside Hours: Around 70 or so. Why do you want to join the Family: When I see you guys playing or engaging in pvp or any situation you guys always come out on top, I'm also willing to help farm money with anyone who needs it. Have you ever watched The Godfather: No but if I need to I can.