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  1. Darkside Life (Mods)

    Once everything is up and running Ill create a detailed written and video guide onto installing the mods in multiple ways.
  2. Darkside Life (Mods)

    Much excite
  3. New White-listed Officers

    Both added, welcome, please check out any informative posts that may concern you!
  4. M y l e Z | Memetage #5

    God that guy in kav took me by surprise, "nesquik mountains" my sides. I needa hang out in kav more often..
  5. M y l e Z | Memetage #5

    Fiddy bucks
  6. M y l e Z | Memetage #5

    It’s that big fuckin head that was easy to hit.
  7. New White-listed Officers

    Added mate, welcome, please check out any informative posts that may concern you!
  8. Gang War Rules

    Rules regarding gang conductance during gang VS gang wars. Failure to follow these rules may result in the loss of war or disqualification of member(s), large infringements could possibly result in the loss of your clan base for a period of time. Do not constantly be seen in help desk for stupid issues, if it can be sorted civilly between gangs, it is preferred, these wars are a privilege and should not be taking up staff members time. Base camping rules (See Clan Base Rules); are null and void for gangs participating in scripted gang wars. Once a gang war is active, another gang cannot declare war on a different gang to get in for the next gang war must wait 3 days between the war ending and a declaration for a new war being sent. The winner of a gang war however, may declare war before the three days have expired. Gang wars are run by the following format: The two gangs who will be currently at war are completely KOS (including armed vehicles) to one another at all times All clan members must be wearing gang tags (AT ALL TIMES!) If two clans get into a salt war on help chat, in help desk, on forums, or anywhere at all really, they will simply be disqualified Gangs are not allowed to ask the other gangs or police for help, other gangs are also not allowed to get involved, their gang may be penalised for doing so This is a Civ VS Civ war All other server rules apply while battling unless stipulated (eg NLR, Meta gaming, abuse) No person participating in the war is to leave the point their spawned into until the server up-time reads 10 minutes, this means no leaving base, rebel spawn points, or houses until this time (every restart while the war is in progress) Points are obtained by the following: Strangle - 1 Point Lighter enemy vehicle - 1 point Kill - 2 points Chop enemy vehicle - 2 points Chop enemy ammo upgraded vehicles - 4 points Successful hostage mission of enemy member - 10 points Gang wars are provided by the server for people to enjoy, if it comes to our attention that these are too much of a hassle and causing more gripes and grief than joy, they will simply be taken away again.
  9. TeeQZz - Unban

    Removed, hopefully there are no future issue, it goes without saying that anything that goes wrong you'll just end up back in the shadow realm.
  10. TeeQZz - Unban

    unbanned in game, please provide ur ts3 unique ID
  11. New White-listed Officers

    All have been added, please check all posts relevant to you.
  12. TeeQZz - Unban

    Will unban you tomorrow morning.
  13. TeeQZz - Unban

    I haven’t been told anything, guess the admin that got talked to didn’t inform me, I’ll have to wait until they do.
  14. TeeQZz - Unban

    I don’t see anyone replying saying you’re unbanned?
  15. Staff Promotions 13/1/2018

    New moderators please message me on ts3 regarding your new abilities and role expectancy.