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  1. MrBartender

    An Old Throwback to the Legendary Lt. Desync

    Lt. Desync
  2. MrBartender

    bad_module_info has stoped working

    For future reference, when posting huge walls of text or logs like that, put [ spoiler] text [\spoiler] (without the space in the first square bracket) to avoid clogging up the post, thanks.
  3. MrBartender

    Darkside Moments - #29

    The bar gate strikes again
  4. MrBartender

    Darkside Moments - #29

    Phattest of beats in the raid..
  5. MrBartender

    Darkside Moments - #29

    Smokings bad
  6. MrBartender

    Darkside Moments - #29

    Put some cop memes together from the last wipe, "clearing the SSD out" ecks dee Song: We Get Around - Urthboy ps yes that is my eyes on the meme for the thumbnail
  7. MrBartender

    Found a bug. AN AWESOME BUG!

    Complete civillian quests for increased nos amounts and you too can have NLR closer to tanoa than altis..
  8. MrBartender

    Found a bug. AN AWESOME BUG!

    What you experienced there was the anti airlift script, to make sure that convoys aren't heli lifted, thats why he got ejected/killed lmao Great reactions though! :')
  9. MrBartender

    My Best Memories of Darkside PT1

    Thought now would be a decent time to reminisce on some of my favourite times from darkside.
  10. MrBartender

    Ricks First Montage

    Good start mate
  11. MrBartender

    Salty Children - Exposed

    Because the other bullshit filled defamation case was so factual.
  12. MrBartender

    Salty Children - Exposed

    Simply beautiful, David Attenborough watch out, this voice is too smooth!
  13. MrBartender

    Anyone unable to edit posts?

    Edit ability was removed, I have re-enabled it up to 10 minutes of the OP's existence.
  14. MrBartender

    Anyone unable to edit posts?

    I'll have a look and see if anything changed in the back end, I'll post here what I find.