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  1. The cars of darkside

    nice plates get doxed retard
  2. Show us ya rig!

    Yeah Ill be upgrading the middle monitor to 31" so the two side portrait ones fit flush in line *.*
  3. Show us ya rig!

    West end Kaaaaaannnnnnttttttt
  4. Show us ya rig!

    fat fuck
  5. Show us ya rig!

    We've had a shit load of new players become regulars since I've done one of these! Like the title says, show us ya rigs! Specs don't have to be included, but please let us know about your potatoes if you wish!
  6. Ban on Rice Kun

    Have fun with the dead community and recycled garbage.
  7. Austin Main - Unban request

    Lmao you stupid spastic..
  8. Luke Cage Donation $50

    How much and when was it?
  9. Luke Cage Donation $50

    Were you still waiting for this to be done?!?!
  10. Name Changes

    Frost is already taken, please provide an alternative.
  11. New White-listed Officers

    All Added! Please familiarise yourself with any and all of the pinned posts!
  12. Can't see friendly cops.

    Thanks for the report, for future reference, just press 9 in game, or the lady bug on the Y menu to bug report future issues.
  13. s00L's Civ White-list Application

    approved and applied, read the rules and have fun!
  14. PERM BAN

    I told you that you wouldn't last long kid, good riddance.
  15. TS Perm Ban

    I swear I saw you in TeamSpeak last night, unless there's another shinerz?