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  1. Rzqt

    APD flying at its finest

    Phew, I thought it was gonna be a video of me crashing hahah
  2. Rzqt

    Nightstalker scope bug?

    Thermals are disabled on the night stalker. although to use the night stalker you need to have a battery in your Y/virtual inventory.
  3. Rzqt

    M y l e Z | Memetage #4 | Darkside Life

    lovely was waiting on some titanic shit
  4. Rzqt

    Montage Vol II

    made me drip
  5. made me nut when i hit it haha
  6. Rzqt

    sick cunt shit

    Chea boo
  7. Rzqt

    Darkside Moments #28

    "Im processing meth!" funniest shit omg hahahahaha
  8. Rzqt

    Joining the bandwagon, Rzqt Cp2 jump

    ????? Good enough for your next montage? Be ready for copyright strikes hahhaa
  9. Rzqt

    Fucked up

    This shits happening way to often and holy fuck i get salty when it happens