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  1. APMC Is Open For Recruitment!

    looking forward to meeting our latest members
  2. New name for a fresh wipe

    Goodluck guys! Nice choice of name
  3. This months changes

    Now who will haze them
  4. This months changes

    @Waffle thanks for that! It all sounds exciting what faction do you like the most atm? I cant wait to get home and play
  5. Just Noticed Something.

    What a devastating event... good job on paying respect!
  6. This months changes

    Makes me sad
  7. I havnt been online for 3 weeks as im overseas untill the 21st, so ill be away for a little over 5 weeks total! I havnt been able to play with the changes. So what is everyones favorite thing since wipe? Anything new u guys love? Im super excited for the medic vans!
  8. Black Pantha Whitelist app

    +1 would make a great white list player! Great guy
  9. |RAG| Darnell White list Civ App

    +1 definitely needs to be white listed! fun guy and great rp'er
  10. dave lister whitelist civ app

    +1 great role player and fun to play with! Would make a great white listed
  11. North Americans

    I love Canadian/americans makes it more intresting also love the accents wish i had one! Im marrying a Canadian so im kinda bias i guess
  12. Older Gamers

    And what age will that be? What age is it that make u a old man hahah
  13. Grats guys! Good work
  14. When using a GCU

    Nice! Was great
  15. Police Massacre

    Nice kills! Looks like fun