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  1. Fliqqs Funnies V

    Hahaha that was funny... loved who ever screamed like a little girl
  2. just joke ha

  3. Change Log (27th October)

    Awesome work! All sounds great
  4. When using a GCU

    Nice! Was great
  5. Police Massacre

    Nice kills! Looks like fun
  6. Graceful death

    Lol nice! Next time maybe wear ur seatbelt!
  7. Mithzaron Antics - Medic

    Awesome vid! Great job
  8. Help Desk & Staff Promotions September 2017

    Congrats guys you all do such a great job
  9. Change Log (19th September - DB Wipe)

    Eeek! I cant wait untill im back home in 4 weeks! So excited to play after reading the changes great job guys!
  10. this made me happy! and shows how impatient cops are and how they hate to role play hahah "just send him to jail alreadyyyyyyyyyyyyy" .........
  11. Those Who Stand | The Darkside Life | Trailer

    LOL i had a giggle at that too! everyone is dressed up and here he is in sandals and shorts
  12. Flying CCU & Blowing up APMC's Run

    <3 the first time i was blown up! never forget that day... after you let me go i ejected and died
  13. Flying CCU & Blowing up APMC's Run

    So we kept you on trial for a month because you have combat logged multiple times rdm'd and other things! good luck in your new gang we wish u all the best!
  14. New White-listed Officers

    can i be added please <3
  15. Wasaiki Montage

    Loved it