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    my only weopon was my pistol and in was in my bag
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    So I spawned in at Kavala and looked over and saw a cop total hes car. A cop called ''aquaman'' I went over and asked if he was okay and he immediately tazered me and said he saw that i was trying to steal hes car. he placed me in said car and drove me to the PD where on the way he told me how lazy he was to read me my rights and he cant be bothered. he asked me if i understood why all this was happening and i said flat out no and he responded with he doesnt need to explain anyway. he told me i had to pay a ticket and i gave in trying to get it over and done with and he said i had fifteen chances to pay. he spammed me with a $50,000 ticket and i refused each one. he then said im going to jail now and sent me in with a spam amount or something that glitched my game and led me into a spiral of new charges and constant on the spawn screen unable to spawn. I have lost all of my gear and my Press RP gear, my weapon, my firearm license. Honestly sick of these troll spam cops. just went on to have a good time and straight away this happens. I wish i bloody recorded everything. Is there any help i can get to get my stuff back