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  1. The Devil's Angels IS RECRUITING

    come to our public room in ts for a chat
  2. The Devil's Angels IS RECRUITING

    come to our public room in the ts for a chat
  3. The Devil's Angels IS RECRUITING

    The Devil's Angels "If we die today we rise with hell tomorrow"` Rules: Follow all server Rules, You will only receive one warning. Any Issues that occur whilst in the gang must be forwarded to a more experienced member, they will take to the Help Desk if needed. All Civilians Doing legal missions are not to be touched UNLESS OTHERWISE PROVOKED. Rebel Outposts are bad enough without us adding to it, basically don't shoot unless provoked. Communication is a must in our gang if you have any issues report to any higher up. Last But Most Importantly there is no structured ranking system thus members must respect one another and take into account play styles. This means new members aren't in command instantly, you must still respect the older members and earn respect from them before trying to 'call shots'. Important Notices and Recruitment Information: 30+ hours playtime must be achieved before submitting an application(Check your progress under the status tab in your Y screen) You Must be 14+ to apply(This is merely a maturity issue, if your under this age requirement do not be disheartened, if you show maturity you will be exempt from this rule and allowed into the 'trial phase') There are two phases in the gang 'Trial Phase' which can stretch for as long as 2 weeks and a 'Member Phase' which occurs when you are given your full tags. Applications will be Approved within 3 days, if it has been 3 days since your application was submitted please enter the Darkside ts and send either Myself or someone else a message and we will check it out for you. Goal: The Devil's Angels "TDA" goals are simple, we as a gang are ruthless in our task of causing chaos on every front we are faced with and will not back down until the last drop of TDA Blood. We do our absolute best to look after our fellow members and would gladly give our lives for each other on the battlefield. Member list: leader: |TDA| Jonesy Co-Leader: |TDA| funnyguy1 |TDA| Sung Choi Bao Senior Members: |TDA| Waffle Members: |TDA| Sparticas |TDA| Justin Bigguns |TDA| MaGik MaN |TDA| Opious |TDA| Galactic Codex |TDA| Bacon_manbro |TDA| Daz Trials: |TDA-T| Eclipse |TDA-T| Syai |TDA-T| Rob |TDA-T| Gotta Get Downs
  4. The Devil's Angels IS RECRUITING

    Come to our public room in ts for chat
  5. Ts perms

    On my phone using ts need new perms pleeeeez
  6. Sung Choi Bao $30

    In-Game Name: |TDA| Sung Choi Bao player id: 76561198074486570 Amount: $30
  7. Sung Choi Bao $10

    In-game: Sung Choi Bao player iD: 76561198074486570 Amount: $10
  8. The Night Riders Official Recruitment Thread

    In-Game Name: Sung Choi Bao Age: 20 Hours on Darkside/Arma: 250 before wipe Do you have a mic: yah Have you ever been banned: no Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/erikziv/ Favorite Weapon: Lynx Quest line goals: trying to grind out civ Why do you want to join TNR? seems like a FINE UPSTANDING GANG
  9. Need ts perms

    Plz have ts perms ty
  10. Sung Choi Bao $10

    player ID: 76561198074486570 Amount: $10 In-Game name: F.S | Sung Choi Bao
  11. Sung Choi Bao $10

    Player ID: 76561198074486570 In-game name: FS | Sung Choi Bao Amount: $10
  12. Teamspeak perms

    Using diff comp plz need perms
  13. turn down volume

    6 minutes of my life I won't get back..