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  1. Meme Page

    Outplayed, git gud scrub
  2. Meme Page

    Global texture btw
  3. Meme Page

    Fuck me these are priceless, plox make more
  4. Change Log (19th September - DB Wipe)

    guess i didn't need these 1000 hours of my life
  5. Screenshots

    The majestic flight of an RPG-7 rocket, buzzing through my screen , distracting me from the heli sniper that will momentarily kill me
  6. Change Log (25/07/2017)

    +1+1+1+1 amazing
  7. Show us ya rig!

    Sell that xbox one and you got your self half a monitor right there!!! why do i feel like i should be wearing some VR goggles for that image?
  8. Darr rocketing a plane

    Oh you mean this? from the point of view of bartender, cop jet kills > super slow ceasar
  9. Darr rocketing a plane

    10/10 for TDA, was happy to see combat at TFO base and not at sofia
  10. ZrMz_x's Giveaway #2

    Jew Recon reporting for sheckles
  11. Illegal Relics

  12. Kill of the Week Competition

    Do VDM kills count? i have a pretty neat gorgon kill if that's ok EDIT: Well here it is anyways
  13. Random Ideas

    of course not, Huntah has made it so that those ammo types have no way to rearm, they are pretty much fully removed/disabled so there is no way to get the crazy EXPLOSIVE rounds, pretty AMAZING feature
  14. Random Ideas

    1. They explode and get kicked back to lobby 2. To rearm armed vehicles so they can help to explode more stuff (they can be destroyed if seen used for rearming vehicles) 3. If a trade was made over the trade channel it must be completed, (seen as exploiting to bait people over trade) how ever if you trade through direct messages you are at risk 4. the GCU does not get CCU abilities (sadly no explosion) 5. depending how much is in the bank, top tier is the fun stuff which is blackfoots, Dars, ammo upgrades, 200 packs of crafting stuff, navids, spy docs, lynxes, chems
  15. Screenshots

    Trying to salvage a rebel convoy The Constant Horror of having to pay toll booth The legendary UFO spotted above 666 base once again Armed and Somewhat dangerous? hard to aim tho... Troll Xi'an faces instant Karma Is it that time of the month Mr Snake? Dicks out for harambe!