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  1. Wipe

    You don't need to reapply for whitelist civ, only the quests line reset for it.
  2. Name Changes

    Swerve73 to Swerve Thanks
  3. whitelist application

    +1 great roleplay always have got experiences with him on civ and he would be a good mechanic/medic for darkside.
  4. In-Game Name: Swerve Donor?: No Age: 16 Do you have a headset: Yes Do you have, or will get TS3: Have it Have you been banned from our server? (If so why?): No Have you read and understood the whitelisted Civ rules (View-able on the map screen in-game): Yes Why do you want to be Whitelisted? Be descriptive.. This is a ROLEPLAY orientated position, “To play Medic/Mechanic” is not a valid response: When I was younger, my father worked in a mechanic workshop and my mother was a surgeon. My father would tell me stories about the cars he worked on. One day he had the experience to work with a sports hatchback. Where we grew up there was none of them cars around. It was such a good story to hear and my father worked on it. My mother made a steady wage as a surgeon, she would sometimes go into kavala hospital to treat patients if she was called for help. She used to tell me about the patients she worked on and there problems. One day my mum came to pick me up early from school, she didn't talk the whole way home and looked sick in the face. My father had an accident at his work place and when he was underneath the car it collapsed on him. When I saw him on the hospital bed, I knew he wasn't going to make it. His body had been crushed and he was on life support, internal brain bleeds. After that day we moved into kavala to get more work. My mum started working more in the hospital. I started reading a lot of my father's mechanic books, I started working on the hold quad bike we had sitting around and I got it to work again. After that I knew what I wanted to be. Mechanic was my future and thats what I aimed to do. Years later my mother had passed away and I started doing volunteering work at the hospital for red cross. A brief description about yourself (Your play style): My play style is pretty relaxed and looking for something else to do instead of being a rebel on altis. Do you understand that any breach of your jobs rules could cause you to be un-whitelisted without warning: Yes

    1. In game Username: Swerve 2. Player UID/steam id: 76561198140662217 3. Age: 16 4. Hours played on the Darkside: 250+ 5. Hours playing Arma: 300 6. Have you been banned from the darkside. If so Why?: No 7. Play style: Fast paced, like being in the action and getting involved. 8. Why would you like to join APMC: Have seen you guys in game and like what you do. Seem to know what you guys are doing with the gang direction and your skill is good. 9. Previous Gangs: APO-T 10. Have your read an understood both Darkside and APMC Rules: Yes 11. Anything else your might like to add: I like flying jets
  6. New White-listed Officers

    Could I be added thanks
  7. In-Game Name - Age - 18 Steam Profile Link - https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198140662217/ Arma 3 Hours - 231 Darkside Hours - 200 Do you fully understand both APO's and The Darkside Rules? - Yes Do you have a properly working headset/microphone? - Yes Why would you like to join APO? - Join a bunch of guys that love playing arma 3 and have experience in a good gang. What could you bring to APO? - I can bring my fighting skills and also work hard for money. Will do whatever it takes to help the gang out. How do you fight: I love using an assault rifle. I consider my play style to be fast paced and like to be in the action and push, not that good with a sniper. If you have any bans or kicks, Please list here - Please list any previous gangs you have been in - None