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  1. you can't get comp for your own client side issues.
  2. Swerve1

    Stinky's 3rd Monatge

    rip WarMachine88 @ 5:03 the fresh recruit from rebel east that ended up doing countless hostage missions that one night.
  3. Swerve1

    Montage III

  4. Swerve1

    Turri's Kill Montage (Spray)

    Do you want a free windows key? You seem like you need to activate windows.
  5. Swerve1

    FU Zachs at kore gas with a pawnee

    yeah mate nice video
  6. Swerve1

    Later Bolt

    hahaha this was fucking golden somehow you got away
  7. Swerve1

    Gridlock attempts to land

    yeah he hit my mohawk hahaha fuck thats funny