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  1. The cars of darkside

    This is my 2006 Mitsubishi 380 VRX DB Series II. 5 speed Sports Auto, 3.8L V6.
  2. Nightelf691 30$

    Just a heads up, whoever did my donator rank, gave me 1 month of tier 3 instead of 3 months of tier 1. Could that be changed please?
  3. Carbomb bug report

    This is a bug report about a carbomb mission. I found it at the CP1, looked at the ID, searched it after it turned out to be a wanted man's offroad. I moved it off the point and set charges on the offroad. I found the guy near by and i tazed him, cuffed him and while i was talking to him, the charges on the car when off, and we got the pay out for destroying a carbomb. A few seconds later, the carbomb went off and he finished it. These are screenshot after i got back to PD, showing the possible bug with the carbomb. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=972875592 This one shows that 1 did destroy it, and got the 200K payout. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=972875631 This one shows that I did destroy the offroad, and who owned it, Braydan. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=972875675 And this one shows the carbomb going off after I destroyed it.
  4. Nightelf691 30$

    Arma 3 uid - 76561198036477564 In-game name is nightelf691 I paid 30$ for 3 months of tier 1. Thank you.
  5. [FU] Zachs 1# Montage

    This isn't really zachs, he never this good. Probs a bot.
  6. ZrMz_x's Giveaway #2

    Add my name
  7. Combat Escorting

    What about meat shielding? I know the the civ won't die, but can you hide behind them, so you can't be shot?
  8. SpaceX comes to KavPD!

    This is my view.
  9. About an Upgrade?

  10. About an Upgrade?

    So I donated on the 2nd of April, but want to know if i can donate 30$ again, and get upgraded to Sliver level? Ive already donated 30, 10 a month, if I do the same thing again, would if be possible to get silver? Just to be clear, i haven't donated yet. I just want an admin to tell if this is a possibly. If I'm told that it is, will donate right away.
  11. Please let us buy these when they come out

    Someone said last night to maybe make it the new hideout 4.
  12. Screenshots

    First 2 are from when we raided 666 Clan base. I think it was Huntah's idea, and I think that is Buddy and someone else, i forgot, that we got AFK in the clan base. And this is from when I think it was Rex or maybe Syn, tried to land their heil as Kat PD.
  13. PO7 and 4-5 ammo

    May need to be moved if this is wrong forum. I would have put this in the bug report, but i wanted to show the problem with the photos. For some reason, idk if anyone else has noticed, but po7 and 4-5 mags are removed from you inventory evenytime you disconnect. These are screenshots all with the server time, and the amount of mags I had before i DCed. Now it some may not see it as a big problem, but when ur sidearm is all you have left, you have no mags, that's a problem. Just wondering if this could be looked into.
  14. I've only just seen this. As the video shows, i was the one who tazed you guys. Now, I don't have the video anymore, but I didn't move seby. I tazed him, got his coms and run around the other side of the building as to not meat shield. What you were seeing, is where you last saw me. Just need to be more careful about where your shooting.
  15. Nightelf691

    Arma 3 uid - 76561198036477564 In-game name is nightelf691/El Sueno I paid 30$ for 3 months of tier 1. Thank you.